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What happened like it a by superhero came out this deep would have to be the hero picking up a rock light barraq could not have mestre and i love it i love this part ira down actually as and when my notes the idea that like the the i had these powers i am conceived the our community like i have to come back to my community with these powers and ncb but i feel like it's a very real issue of a lot of different communities of color like if or immigrant communities communities of color like if you are one of the people who gets the opportunities luck or work hard enough all those things to be able to be successful in kind of get out you have a huge responsibility upon you to go back into your community and help it you know yet and so like that the that this at this model that the only a don't like what i've been knows and which is i am so happy about black panthers that he gets super villain especially a super villain you know what i'm saying because every time i watch luke cage black lining and even this movie is just the random drug lord in the neighborhood that the superhero with superpowers has to fight some i it takes a black person who superpowers to just despite the random dude in a neighborhood like let's wait a minute pound mary to i know it's not a sleeper here thing but she didn't have any real valente fires like random just a random person i feel like we don't get like even as parliament even though he still local has super villa's ugo for by people liu cage the back i fought with a do it in the suit.

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