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Almost three years of his 10 year sentence. You're listening. To ABC News boiled. News radio 6 10 W. T V N Columbus City schools. Students need a way to get back and forth to school is the district deals with a shortage of bus drivers? Transportation director pitched putting high schoolers on Koda buses. It's how hundreds of kids already got to school last semester as the district started to bring them back to classrooms. The board president last night explained why the issue got removed from the meeting agenda. This agenda item was pulled because we have a support still questions and have a lot of things to work through. So We do need a lot of ideas from the community. At least one parent complained their child would have to walk more than three miles to get to a coda stop. Dakota says. That would not be the case for most students. It says 98% of high school students live within a mile of a bus stop for Koda. At this point, parents will you're stuck waiting to see what happens with this. A district spokesperson said the board could schedule a special meeting to address the transportation issue. But answers may not come until August, not Long before school starts, ABC six is Mike McCarthy. Columbus City Isn't the only group having trouble finding qualified drivers. It's all across the country, and if you're driving somewhere for the holiday weekend, you may notice some gas stations are out of fuel. We know we're still dealing with the shortage of truck drivers getting gas to places, so there's.

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