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Bailed out the mom and pop businesses didn't it. Well, this wasn't surprising. Even city council. Many Politis who is a labor lawyer when he voted for the ordinance that mandates that private employers pay sick leave to their fulltime employees. He said that he he didn't think it would pass legal BUSTER both in the courts and in the legislature and an identical Bill that was passed in Austin on petitions were submitted by the same labor organizations that petition Senate Tonio city council has already been declared unconstitutional by an appeals court. It's kind of odd logic that they're using to declare that this is unconstitutional. The state constitution says that local governments cannot set minimum wages that are different from the state, and the logic is that if you pay somebody when they're not at work because they're sick. Right. That means that the amount of money they're getting for working. Thing is higher. So that violates the state minimum wage law. Logic works. So far the Senate passed the Bill last night on a straight party line vote. Eighteen Republicans voting for it twelve Democrats voting against it. It now goes to the house, and there is a serious issue facing this Bill as it goes to the house, even though the state Senator from Conroe Brandon Creighton who sponsored the Bill LGBTQ groups say what about non-discrimination ordinances that were passed by San Antonio. And other major cities that refi that order that people not be discriminated against on the basis of among other things their sexual orientation now, San Antonio's Indio only covers the city the city can't discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation. So San Antonio kind of off the hook, but the El Paso and the Dallas laws both also cover private businesses. And they're warning that if the Senate passes a law that forbids. Local governments from dictating terms of employment, essentially, which is what they're doing that would render those non-discrimination on insists Dolan Foyt as well. So they're encouraging bloggers of the house, which is not nearly as conservative as the Senate is to vote against this ad less specific language is written into the Bill in the house that would exempt nondiscrimination ordnances if that happens it has to go back to the Senate, and we only have five weeks left in the session. So that could very well. Torpedo this Bill that doesn't mean the San Antonio sick leave Bill will survive because probably the courts will throw it out anyway. But it is an interesting issue. That's been raised the could prevent its immediate dismissal by the legislature in the form of Senator Creighton, spill, all right? It's wwl news director, Jim Foreside. He's back at eight ten with his second commentary. Mica palca has the day off up next Spurs Denver game one..

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