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Now i can take it rai. Cover crop in planet in front of soybeans and get an really nice yield increase in the soybeans Where did it come from. Well it could come from reduction and we'd competition it could have come from greater moisture conservation. It could have come from greater. co two of aleutian during the bloom period of soybeans. A number of factors that caused that. It's not magic there. Growth factors that that ri- cover crop was able to supply. And i could take that same ride cover crop and put it in front of corn and get a yield reduction. While i guess that just doesn't work around here no it. It worked great in front of the soybeans. What happened in front of the corn. Or maybe it was nitrogen sequestration. Maybe it harbored some army cut worms or something that clipped the corn off or figure out why i think if i could recommend farmers do anything said figure out why things happen instead of just noticing. What happened analyze it. It'd be like announcers at you. Know the the guys on football broadcasts and analyze everything ad nauseam in just ruined the game instead of just learning the final score..

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