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Hopefully your credit score will match that level of confidence in your your bill paying. Suave nece in general when you're putting it all together, and you talked about how it was a pretty short time line to sort of make thing between different projects you had. How do you think about how these things are ordered? How do you sort of approach it as a single set? Yes, well for me I, knew that the beginning like I kinda wanted to move from like. getting to know me so like this is me. This is my world. This is the Nigerian. This've it lie before I go into. Other aspects of me, I gotta lay the foundation with like who I am, and what this means so that you can understand my perspective on all these other jokes right, so it was very much like. Let me introduce you to my world. And then it was like is what Nigerians do. This is my purview, my perspective, being both Nigerian and American, and so I'm going to look at things. you know with this kind of bird's eye view even if it's like what it looks like for the plate taboo, what it looks like you know for Nigerians with education, and like why you know jobs, specifically that group of people are so. So like gun-ho of being that those lawyers and engineers 'cause like my Momma won't even let me play with somebody who doesn't make straight as you know, and like we're only in third grade, so it's kind of like. Let you giving you a little bit of like insight into your. Like Herman's head backdated. was that show like giving a little bit of insight into my world, and then on my all right? Let's have some fun you know. Hopefully it's fun all the way, but it's just like education over Now. Let's apply everything we just learned to like playing games. With different groups of people going on dates, you know. Make a vision board. And then I knew that like the setup of like haggling in the beginning was like my call back to you know if I got kidnapped and my parents, and knowing that like I would enter my set with being you know the single woman, and what that looks like culturally you know spiritually et Cetera, and then knowing that like I. I would take you from one place that you thought I. Left you and apply it back to the other thing because the reality is I, can't stop being all of these things that I just told you I was yeah. We talked about it before. which is part of that? Is You mix in this documentary footage of visiting your family in France and Nigeria. You explain at the top of the special why you wanted to do which is sort of no way I could do a special about my life without showing you my life and I wanted to ask a little bit more about that you know what one what do you think it does for the home audience you know? What does it offer them? But even beyond that it's like you know. Why did you want the audience like? Why do you want the audience to know more of you? Why? What about yourself? As an artist? You're like there's a deeper understanding they can get if I do this. And why is that important for you? You know I think that. Most comedians you can tell like. What you're going to get from a Dave, but actually maybe maybe you can't ever tell what you're gonNA, give Dave develop though, but you know that you're GonNa get brilliant. Watched his. A forty six they came out and it was so impassioned. I don't even know can call it a comedy special. I think it's like extended tedtalk a very necessary, but it's like, but it's exactly what we needed but you know that Dave is going to see the world from like turning it on its head like you've had enough experience with him to know that he has his very like. Incredibly dark, but also like funny sense of humor. And Awful, not even dark but like. Inquisitive. He will make you think he's never gonNA. Give you a joke like open-handed. You're going to have to come to come up to his level You know that you know Trevor Noah is going to like apply being South African as well as being like like understanding the political. Movements of both in South Africa and in America. You know you without a comic letting. You know that they're teaching you about them. You're learning about them with every show you go to, and so for me it I recognize that a lot of people came to know me through a character I play Mali on insecure. But I was doing comedy long before I was molly, and so this was kind of music having to reintroduce a fan base. Who didn't know me as this and so. Before I before I get into my groove. It's like it's like when you come to school the first day you're like. Hey, class, you know. We're GONNA, take role by the way my name is. Professor Orgy. Couple of these know about me that that syllabus this year. We're going to get quizzed on the thirteenth in. Any questions gray, and now we can get into the lesson plan right, and so it was kind of like that way of me. Saying like Oh. This is who I this. Who Yvonne is and I know you love Molly, maybe not this season, but you Rockwood Yvonne Yvonne Pretty Dope in her own way. Let me show you and that was and but at the same time it's like. Going back home and showing my parents, that was my way of being like I'm going to have the Mike for an hour. I know that you all don't get the opportunity to to have a say you know you just use. Listen to me. You may shake. Your hand does not through. You know like you know or I have an issue with that or whatever so I'm like. Let me give my parents the time that they deserve to to to air their grievances to cosign or not and those are some of the most special moments for me in this project because it was like Oh. I get to show the world like who I am through my parents. Because they helped. Make me this way. and you know for the most are we all have whatever relationship we have with our parents, whether it's tumultuous whether it's loving whether it's tender whether they're moments of like highs and lows in, it's like yeah, that's that's also relatable number across a seven seas, and all the continents. You understand this Mon, these moments that I'm having with my parents, and they're having with me, We'll be right back with.

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