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Icy weather causing a handful of school closures and delays for you already this morning in Virginia Stafford and spotsylvania county public schools are closed Fredericksburg city public schools have also canceled classes in COVID county the public schools will start on a two hour delay closures and delays Of course may change throughout the morning so keep it here on WT for all the latest and for a complete list of the closings and delays head over to W TOP dot com Now a handful of Montgomery county schools are beginning a second straight week of virtual learning today most schools that were sticking with in person learning and now the school system superintendent is apologizing to parents after last week's confusing guidance about what would trigger an individual school to return to virtual learning John doeman begins our team coverage The county should have done a better job in communicating how the school system would handle the rising cases of COVID-19 among students and apologize for the stress it's cause to both school staff and parents In her letter mcknight whose recovering from COVID herself says going all virtual is a last resort And going forward determining if a school should go virtual will be made on a case by case basis With the county resuming in person extracurriculars next Tuesday schools will be giving out free rapid tests this week Students and staff will also be getting free KN 95 masks John demon WTP news I'm Mike Murillo From concerned students At least give us a virtual option If schools are to remain in person more actions must be taken to ensure safety The parents with immunocompromised kids MCTS needs to test a return So those with COVID do not expose others unknowingly Dozens made their voices heard during a school's town hall hosted by Montgomery.

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