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New Orleans discussed on Morning Edition


Nineteenth century New Orleans it's Wednesday January twenty ninth Oprah is sixty six today in the news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman senators at president trump's impeachment trial will be able to submit written questions to house prosecutors and defense lawyers today drums lawyers made their closing statements on Tuesday saying senators should quit the president because there's no basis for the charges NPR's kills the snow reports that may be a persuasive argument for some senators what really matters here is that any argument lands with that with the number of senators the president needs for acquittal because they just need something to hang their hats on and some a specific reason to point to why they're voting to acquit and I think the big job that the president's attorneys had here worse to give a very professional and direct opportunity for Republicans to find that one thing and peers kill cease now it is unclear if the Senate will call witnesses for the impeachment trial some US allies in the Mideast are cautiously backing president trump's Mideast peace plan Israeli leaders have embraced it while Palestinian leaders are rejecting it NPR's Deborah Amos reports from Beirut president trump's closest Arab Gulf allies called the plan an important starting point urged Palestinian leaders to enter direct negotiations but added language in the supporting statements the back Palestinian demands not contained in the latest peace plan Jordan dependent on US aid but with a majority Palestinian population skip the president's announcement in Washington president trump to clear that Arab allies would play a key role in the success of the peace plan he calls the deal of the century but it's not yet clear if initial era support is an endorsement or hedge for an administration they depend on for their rivalry with Iran well any wording backing Palestinians for internal domestic politics Deborah Amos NPR news Beirut officials investigating the helicopter crash that killed basketball icon Kobe Bryant and eight other people say they'll release a preliminary a report in ten days NPR Tom Goldman reports the national transportation safety board has finished its work at the crash scene near Los Angeles the NTSB says a final report including the accident's probable cause still is at least a year away at a news briefing NTSB board member Jennifer Harman D. said the helicopter that crashed was not equipped with a warning system that provides terrain information she says the pilot had twelve hundred fifty hours of flight time on that type of helicopter so that's a good amount of experience he's also been with the company for ten years how many says it's hard to determine what the pilot was thinking when he flew into deteriorating weather conditions she says investigators are focused on facts meanwhile authorities officially identified for the nine victims pilot error is a buy in John Altobelli Sir Chester and Kobe Bryant Tom Goldman NPR news you're listening to NPR news from Washington the Pentagon says fifty US troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after a Ron fired ballistic missiles on US bases this month in a rock a Pentagon spokesman says thirty one of those troops were treated in a rock for symptoms of concussion and have returned to duty another eighteen have been sent to Germany for treatment last week president trump played down the injury saying they were headaches and not serious the justice department is moving to stop fraudulent robo calls from overseas and beers Giles Snyder reports the government is targeting five companies and three people based in the U. S. alleging they enabled the calls the justice department says the companies and individuals were warned repeatedly about the fraudulent robo calls such as this one and your social have been found some suspicious for committing fraud or prosecutors accuse a companies of being behind hundreds of millions of calls that prey on the elderly and other vulnerable Americans they say one toll free deals dot com carried some seven hundred twenty million calls over a three week period the justice department calls them gateway carriers and says this is the first time they've been targeted in an effort to halt fraudulent overseas calls the DOJ has filed for temporary restraining orders in the Eastern District of New York trial Snyder NPR news Washington a police officer in Maryland is facing a second degree murder charge he's accused of shooting and killing a suspect who was cuffed with his hands behind his back as he sat in a police cruiser officers had stopped the suspect after getting reports that a driver had struck multiple vehicles I'm korva Coleman NPR news in Washington support for NPR comes from Celtic woman presenting their fifteenth anniversary tour a celebration with guest artists Khloe Agnew.

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New Orleans discussed on Morning Edition

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