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What did they wait for the Hawaiian grass goods were made out of rope. And I can remember the vendor of as being strung up these this rope was strung up all the way, and daddy and his buddies would have come in. They were teasing all this. This rope and mccranie waistband if you can imagine. And so the ripe was ideal because had lovely weights. It would swing and the first show they did was was an Hawaiian night. Right. And I would have been about seven and myself and my cousin Dulcie who was one of the children who was born from the tropical tree below days. So anyway, she she, and I came on as attendance, and this enormous rose was carried on by these gorgeous, gorgeous tar strata island men flanked by the hula dancers. Right. So the rosewood let was load and Dulcie, and I were Daiva, and we pulled down the pedals and from it emerged my sister. Well, you can imagine the gas. Would come and see these. It sounds wonderful all the noca- people. All people the Torres Strait all into community would be on mixed race. There were Filipinos Chinese Malays were just just a title mix, but they became so popular the prejudices started to break down it ended up being literally a black white Brown and Brindle situation. It was fantastic. And then the they when I say that traveled I'm taking the show to Mossman for a night or two somewhere night that and if someone was sick guessing stood in for them. Well, this is it did you start performing just the beginning of your performing Hagen. Remember that for the ballet show, and they do the song mummy sangha? Oh by when twilight is defend this guy by oh. Oh, come out and wear. We've girl he was sick to a her costume which had to be taken in and dance on one of those forty four gallon drums that had been cut in half. I just I honestly I thought it was very great. Were you getting lessons music lessons as well from early? Yes, I started learning music when I was six started when I was six and from the day, I learned how to play Colonel bogey datum. But but but I was playing the marching that was the marching tube for the kids coming into school. My first performances would you play with your family at home play music to get all the time. I mean as is great party house, and they were always guitars and people singing and people down saying, and yes very much. So we'll you playing music at high school to is as playing music, they're very much doing my exams when I did my first diploma exam, this wonderful teacher system Ariella wishes, and they had to make me look older the first time ever wall make up and put my hair up. And my mother made corduroy navy blue suit with as little cream color and shoes it had heels. Honestly. I thought I was twenty seven I wasn't fifteen or sixteen..

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