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Hey everybody i'm john small and this is right about now about now funk punk bravo bravo bravo. Well hello everybody. I hope you're having a lovely week. I am excited about this episode. We have a broadcast legend in the house. None other than chris matthews hardball. Good evening. i'm chris. Drive is hard balls chris. Matthews will join us in just a few moments. And i will confess. I am a big fan of chris. Matthews i've watched his show for years and when it was cancelled. I like what i would always have. Harvard mit watch it especially during the trump years when i needed some voice of sanity to guide me through those days and so when i got word that chris has a new memoir out called this country my life and politics and history. I knew i had to talk to him. And i was not disappointed was nervous. Yes when you're interviewing the guy who's famous for asking the hardball questions who's interviewed thousands and thousands of people in his career who's a big columnist and journalist. Yeah he want to bring your a game. But chris made it quite easy. He's a super relax. Nice guy. I think my only issue is. It's pretty hard to get it in a word edgewise. Because he knows how to talk but he's interesting so i think you're going to really enjoy this interview. We talked about a ton his upbringing just outside of philadelphia his transition from a republican to a democrat early in his life growing up as a young capitol hill aide and speechwriter and he was also a capitol hill. Police officer we talked about what he learned from. Such senate luminaries tip o'neill and then chris of course gets way into current events. He offers his advice to nancy. Pelosi in the democrats he talks about potentially upcoming election pitting. Donald trump against joe biden again. And then i even ask him some horrible questions like why did he leave hardball so abruptly and he answers that and we also find out. What is next for chris matthews. Will he be back on television. Or is he just going to continue as a writer. He has lots and lots of wisdom here. Such an interesting guy. I was very happy to have on the show. So without further. Ado i bring you. Mr harvey ball himself. Matthews.

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