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But just listen. When she says that she wants all children to have an education they already do that's already law. It's been law for a long time. So don't believe the hype. Now. Getting all just a little bit here with Kamala Harris Commodore Kamala Harris I also want you to know that she stands for late term abortion. So. While she demands that she shows towards every child, she would kill that child if it were in the womb and this is gonna be very important because. She also endorsed a religious litmus test on Catholic nominees to the judiciary. Well, why would she do that? Which tells you number one if you're Catholic out there and you ever want to serve any kind of role, they're gonNA shut you down Kamala Harris Height you. I'm just going to be honest with you. She hates Catholics and it makes you wonder why So he late term abortion is not a very popular thing among Christians and Catholics. We don't stand for that abortion at all for the most part is not very popular amongst most Protestants. Now, there's some of those out there who say, well, you know women's healthcare bub-bubba. But if you're true Christian. If you. Follow God's word. You know that the Bible is clear about when I laughed develops when Alaa forms..

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