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Way he's a marshal way. I cannot wait rally. Come back and say martial. He's gonna eddie you'll know because he's coming back now and you'll probably know before al gets back. Hey eddie zack. martin is the fire. What of the floor. marshall bang. Thank you thank you very much all right well. I'm i just left it yesterday. League with with jerry with the one out two out thing. i didn't even have enough confidence to outages. No one was. There was one hundred one and then i was right and the marshall thing you guys doubt me. It's a goddamn marshall. it's a martial isn't it. Oh see tough guy was second and he just told me was marred marshall marshall i i looked posted before you walk in. Fire safety warden. He's a war safety ward. That might be a change. I know it used to be more safety safety. Used to marcia yes i still. I still think wardens a little bit much. Yeah but like. He's like a safety patrol. Guys what he is. He does patrol line august. Trolls aren't always you. Just walk through on making sure. Everybody's annoyed and i was in fifth grade. I was part of the safety patrol at timber point. Elementary were you. Yeah and i had the badge thing perfect. It was great catered that point. Too tall yeah. You'll mess with you. What was it about messing with me about helping people across the street stopping trap. Okay i thought you were like a crosswalk. Make your crimes happening. What what what sounds more important marshall award. I wash us now. Marshall marshall marshall sounds more important than marshall is like can be rank in some services but i feel like a warden is like you don't want to go see a warden warden is usually attached to a prison right as craig about that. So there's a warden right there's ward in there but we have a marshall here okay. Very good Let's let's take a couple of calls here now that we've got that settled has that. We're talking about louis. Role haas and evan roberts go back and forth on carton and roberts yesterday and stephen staten island wants to talk about. What's going on steve. Good morning what's up guys. Hey man so. I just had a couple of points. First of all by boy evans. Surprise me beautifully. I couldn't believe how are you realize there's actually uncomfortable voice but But the way of answering these things like a condescending tone like because he's the manager the move made sense. That was one of the worst moves. I've ever seen has been going back to the terry collins days where you make trach our heads every night but the guy behind Those crews was hitting like one thirty and even that but just one of the points. Sorry craig at the very end asked him if any of the coaches mentioned anything or if they even thought about it when he said no. I drove into the side of the verizon. Oh i mean nobody even mentioned it in the dugout. Even if they did steve he's not gonna throw anybody on the bus and the other thing too is like he has to come on here confidently you know. I don't we tom. I remember manager actually coming on saying sorry about what he did or didn't do joe girardi in the game against the indians in the playoff game with the review review. That's the only time i've ever remember one of those guys coming on. I don't really remember a a football coach coming on this station. Ever questioning a decision that he made because in real time when they're making those decisions they feel like they are making the right decisions and sometimes they don't turn out so it's easy to play. You know monday morning quarterback. But i will say this again in regards to that decision by louis rose to pitch to what what that was his name de la crew crews. And if you remember. I said that gary keith. And ronnie we're talking about well before it even happened that there's no way that they're going to pitch today. Crews there's no way and then they did and they were shocked so it wasn't like they were saying it. After the fact i guess yeah i guess and they pointed it out and that's why we as fans have such a hard time with that decision. Stephen stanton on said that lewis row haas was key. Phillies condescending. I don't i. Don't get that from louise. I i get a little hint of clueless this when he's answering these questions but i don't feel like he's condescending like i'm the baseball guy. You're not i actually didn't get the tech to any of that at all and the biggest issue here in the reason why there is a gap in philosophy is the mets. Don't want to admit that. Edwin d as socks. That's what it comes down to veith. Think that they have john smoltz in his prime dennis. Eckersley in his goose gossage. That's who they think that they have in that bullpen. With ed would be as they don't think that he stinks they. We all know that he does. They have a higher opinion of him. So when louise ross is saying india's he's are closer like he's the best we got where you're gonna go. He's going to go and get that guy out. He truly believes it. So that's where the gap in philosophy comes from. Let's go to john in hofstra pal. What's going on john. Good morning the morning fellows eight. You know from the manager to the gm for the players. What an embarrassment on the mets. And i'll tell you something. I think you mentioned that you can't watch. This team is not only on watchable. They are unlikable. i'm telling you. I'm sitting here watching a manage a excuse me a catcher looking. I'm saying looking at jt rail going we have an owner. Who could have gotten anyone he wants. We have we have a catcher. Who the hell's the catcher. We had a guy like michael conforto. I used to love watching. Get this guy off the team. He he hasn't had a hit since he started hitting a month ago. This team has not hit all year. How on earth is this happening. This team is a complete and utter embarrassment. I thought we were gonna have a owner. Who is going to be like the george steinbrenner get whoever he wants and now he's out there acting like a petulant child on twitter. Shut your mouth. Hire the right people and six this organization. It's a complete embarrassment. I can't. I can't watch these guys edwin being nice when you say you suck. I wouldn't want that guy in my little league team closing for me all right john. I agree with every word that you said. I can't watch them anymore. They are irrelevant in my life. I can't wait for that season to be over. I found out that. The marlins took the lead via guy. Odometer tweet. Because i didn't want to pollute my household by putting the game on my home. I was watching football. Which is the kingsport. That does everything right. That made me happy and entertain me. All the mets were just choking on their own vomit again. Oh guy from morrison. He ought to be happy great. Of course he was happy. It was up before after the yankees lost off and they were still playing but still but he also in the age. The cowboys to was a good night for him. Although the yankees lost again but yeah these guys are should not be here meaningless role haas zach scott and maybe even sandy alderson and steve collins going to have an opportunity to really show us where he wants to put this organization. If you want to continue on this hamster wheel of turds or he wants to become the dodgers east like he said what is it going to be. What's it gonna be steve. They they can end up running into a nick situation where nobody wants to come and player. You have to be careful. I mean we've feel like we've seen a little bit of vat.

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