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It's been the German chocolate which is, you can use the base though for anything. This is good condo for our worldwide listeners. My local ice cream shop and it's delicious though. I thought it was really interesting that this is the first time in a wild that we actually see deluxe in Dimona. Working side by side like it's always been like Dimona off doing things, and we know that deluxe kind of like behind it. A little bit are helping her I'm not convinced I. Feel like the EB and flow in when their plans and plots coincide, then they come back together, but also they're evil separately. Yeah, and sometimes they were too I. Don't know I mean. Their relationship is so bizarre that it's really hard to tell it's frustrating I. Think a little to me that in general like we are a full season in, and we're still just as confused about their relationship in yeah, working partnership at all that because Dimona will openly say kill all humans as she's standing next to this dumb, it's until. we've also clearly seen her as capable solo villain. Right that doesn't need this human guy like if her plan is to conquer all humans or run the world, or whatever her dumb shit plan actually is YEP assessment killing goliath crawl out of that dude's butthole. Now you know, go fucking kidnapped the president or some shit. I don't know she's just so obsessed with Goliath I. Don't understand God is one dude. You think he because he's around. You're going to fail at your plan well. It's because she's tied any plans that she has directly to the other gargoyles right like your plans are just to fuck with the other gargoyles. You don't have plans of world, domination or whatever? So Dairy Queen Wakes up and Dimona jumps up in his face, and she starts immediately spouting off about how glide is a race traitor, and it's like Oh for fucks. Sake this again. She trying to convince de cue that Goliath has been seduced by the humans beliefs and I mean he's definitely been seduced by human. Something of you know what I mean do not mainly as China. It would yeah. We're talking about dream boats vagina. Goliath likes the glass and detective. Dream Boat have a sexual relationship. That's the bit here. Thank you. Just in case. Any of our listeners to be left in the dark. What confused me even more when she's trying to be like he betrayed. He left us all to die then she's like you are the way you are because of him. Bet You literally just made him. Be This weird hybrid thing? Yeah, that's you. How is this goliaths fall at all that you guys brought him back to life right? Q was dead. He didn't need to be woken up. reanimated I have to backtrack a little because we forgot to mention deluxe is very important line during the. Right Right It's. Like Oh, my God really, and then he just. I always wanted to say that. God, Damn Deluxe I know. Totally stepping out of himself for a minute, which is fine. It was funny, not really deluxe his character. No I'll let. Not The jokester. I guess he had to have his fun somehow. So back to dairy queen being, alive Dimona leads into a mirror and says this is all Goliath. Fault that you are cyber oil and if he just sat quietly for fifteen seconds to think about it, there's no fucking way that he could buy into that right right. He's been dead for a thousand years. And the first people he sees Dimona and deluxe. Glances nowhere to be like right. He should at least be questioning this logic, saying like hey, just so like I get it and you get it, but for the humans in the room. What the fuck are you talking about when you say? Could you spend on this theory? And who the fuck is this guy? Well? She says this is my human servants. Funny. Face. So mad argue with that. Though is doing what she wants. Yeah, whatever that is yeah. I always just want more from Dimona going back to before d. q was really. You know, she says your science in work, my magic and work like our plans to destroy the Gargoyles, for whatever reason and also by the way that's not deluxe is plan, but anyway like. How was this a better plan, right? How is reanimated q a better plan than again using the Gargoyles to have? Yeah Yeah I, don't I literally. Don't understand what the purpose of this is other than it's cool. It is cool, even talking about it and shit talking it now, pulling apart story like this episode. But? It doesn't make any sense. No, it doesn't when you sit back and think about it, but. Cloud sounds bad ass, and he's voiced by Michael on Dohrn so now. How did they get his stone? They did not explain it. I have to assume that it was broken up. Pieces of Gargoyles were broken years ago. They just sat there. They were never moved. Okay, yeah, like unless you're just like gathered up all these pieces and just been holding onto them for thousand years. We don't know her story. Don't know her, so we don't know if she's actually had been frozen for a thousand years or what and again if Goldstone just paused for a second and been like. Okay goliaths betrayed us by going after the Vikings. Dimona you alive. Are Any of them alive? He doesn't know that they were frozen for a thousand years. Right Colston doesn't know shit. Hold Stone Use your brains of the scene ends with a classic Darth vader new. And we moved to the mean streets of New York City. And Matt's back, yeah, he'd been gone for a couple of episodes for was he in last week's episode, was he in the locker room I think that was him in the tiny white as. Shit when his booty, yeah, well, he's going to check in on the guy that was robbed at the top of the episode and dream boats like I actually don't want to do my job. I'm just GONNA hang out out here. You go talk to the victim. He was like wait. What are you doing? She's like I need to gather my thoughts. Like. What the fuck you get your ass in here. Come. Do Your job with me. That's okay. No, what never mind? In Matt goes inside when he's out of sight, Dream Boat Radios Goliath on her little lapel mic, and she says this thing picks up. Everything and I laughed so. Because it is a microphone. That's what they do. She's like what is. This technology is astounding They're discussing why this shopkeeper stays open, and she gives a a really solid response. Can I play that for you? Yes, please. Why does that man keep shop open? He could be robbed again. Why does not leave? This is a neighborhood Goliath. The big markets won't even come here if he closes the store, people will have no place to buy food. That's more important to him than hiding in his own little castle. This made me wonder is Goliath, unfamiliar with the idea of a community no because I mean, his clan was his community like they had their clan that they worked then with the humans together in that castle, they were a community. Yeah, he's like Oh. People can help other people I feel like this is where the gears are starting to turn in his brain of Oh I'm not just stuck guarding my people. is.

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