Leigh Spann, President Trump, Congress discussed on Sean Hannity


Five so far no reported problems on the veterans expressway at this time page Carrera newsradio WFLA we'll continue to see a mix of sun and clouds through the day with about a ten percent chance that a stray shower otherwise mild finally with a high of seventy two two degrees above average and we're even warmer overnight partly cloudy and sixty a cold front approaches the area tomorrow but we still had seventy four the rain chances in the cold front arrive in the afternoon and evening with a twenty percent chance and it is slightly cooler in the upper sixty Saturday out of the water today northeast went to ten knots on news channel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann your shot at one thousand dollars now tags the nationwide two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and info nationwide contest and then changed to a hundred two hundred formation he was guilty of a crime that's the way it works is that what you the United States constitution no president is ever claim the right to stone will Congress and everything democratic parties not left party Democratic Party is as senator or center Conservative Party minus two hundred eighty five days presidential coast to coast from order to order two shiny the you know there's some things.

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