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And boy, that's that's a tough thing for a head coach to go and have to tell you know, I, and I was still thinking, you know, it's still going to be open competition. But again, knowing that you have a, you know, a guy coming in with a track record that makes him a private if favorite more than likely probably going to get a little extra look so to speak from the coaching staff. That's gotta be tough all the way around. So we'll wait and see. See how things pan out, but those are four universities right now looking to bring a guy in for a little one and done. And and we'll find out your take though on collar Murray. If he does go NFL again, people talk about the five nine five nine and a half. What it is Nick with the rules and the way the game. You can see it changing. And you and you can see your changing with the emergence of the young coaching innovative offensive minds the Kyle Shanahan's. And of course, Sean McVeigh's guys like that. And quite frankly, you know, Peyton to me is always been one of those guys. I mean, he's always been a gambling type guy. Andy Reid even has had offenses that he's opened up. So a couple of the old school guys. But you can see the way things are changing. And so when you look at Patrick Mahomes, get outside the taco box quickly more times than any other quarterback in the NFL and take advantage of the rules that you can throw the ball out of bounds. As long as you get into the line of scrimmage, and then run and slide, and nobody can hit you. Nobody can go to the head of the quarterback. I mean, there's a lot of rules that are in favor for that quarterback. So as we look. Tyler Moore and say, okay, he's got baseball there. Well, four four and a half million that he gets from the as there's no guarantee that he pans out as a baseball player. Yeah. He's got speed. But he still have to work his way up and find his niche there to where if he signs is the number one overall pick, and the reason I say that is because cliff Kingsbury when he was at Texas Tech made a comment that if I had the number one pick as an NFL head coach, I would grab Cuyler Murray. Well, he used the head coach of that team that does have the number one pick. And I know they have Josh Rosen. But I would not be shocked if that was the way that the Arizona Cardinals when and if some thought from Steve time, the general manager at Arizona may have thought that through thinking, you know, what this could be the guy and I'll get his take. If you really thinks that Kylie Murray is that guy and this guy grooms quarterbacks like he did a Texas Tech. We bring him in. And he changes are franchise to be one of those teams like the Rams. They might have. They might have looked at Rosen and said, well, we, you know, we just don't see him panning out. Obviously they were really challenged offensively this year. Not a lot of weapons. You know, an older, Larry FitzGerald and your go to receiver was Kirk. So I mean, not like the offense of weapons there. You know, listen breezes proved you could play at that heights. Russell Wilson proved you can play that high dip your special your special this kid, maybe special. But you know, I don't know maybe really doesn't contiguous. Hey, listen. I got a bunch of money coming in baseball. I'm gonna have my faculties thirty years down the road from now. He may take the baseball. But you know, obviously, it's an individual choice. I don't know. You know, what the kid loves more? But obviously the state for route in the lung jeopardy route is the MLB for sure. Yeah. In a selfish root for us too. Because I'd love to see him at the new Las Vegas ballpark playing for the Oakland A's AAA clubs. So I kind of hope he does choose baseball. But Nick, I want to switch over to the NFL with you. Of course, the championship games coming up this weekend. And we've got the tour the four top offenses in the NFL. Kenny talked about you know, the new rules for the quarterback. And here we had the four top offenses. I mean, when was the last time you saw that it was, you know, used to be defense wins championships. But Kansas City in New England. You know, we don't see New England as an underdog too often. But this is kind of a new Kansas City Chiefs in a new era with Patrick Mahomes. I think this ought to be a pretty good ball game. But I think the chiefs certainly deserved to be favored in you know, they've got the home field advantage. But I think they've been the better team all year long too high. I agree. I I'm not playing the game. But I don't really have the chiefs. I think they get the job done here. Moms has been the best quarterback in the league all year long. Just absolute monster home field. New england. Smoke and mirrors bad road team this year, they got San Diego at the right time. And they played a nice game at home or they've been unbeatable. I think the all their weaknesses show up this Sunday, you know that. I just think Kansas City's been better squad. And we'll be a better squad on Sunday. Nick. This has got to be like a kidney candy store for you with Patrick Mahomes, and what kind of prop bets you can make on this type of game. Are you gonna have your board loaded with prop bets it William Hill for the for both the championship games? Yeah. I mean, we got a bunch last week. We'll have even more this week. So yeah, it'll be all good. Mom's will be obviously touchdown passes. Completions attempts yards UTD passes, probably rushing yards. How many no look passes Heathrow's? We'll have all sorts of stuff for Patrick Mahomes. There you go. Okay. Now, the Kansas City New England spread last. We saw William Hill was minus three minus one ten normal vague total fifty five the other.

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