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The way I kind of conceptualize it is like, you know when you go into a Best Buy and they've got like the brand new TVs and you're like, holy shit, like that is so crisp and the color is so vibrant like I'm thinking that's what it's gonna look like for me. But I don't know. Yeah. I do think it's a big decision. It is a big decision, but I'm ready. With these big decisions, like sometimes it's just like a moment where you're like, all right, I'm ready. And I had that moment yesterday. It's like Trent and I just decide we're gonna get our eyes taped back and lasered off, so that's just a decision. And shave off some what do they do? I don't know. Are we actually doing it? Are we got a consultation or something? Yeah, I got to give the guy a date. I'm thinking it'll be in like November after we do all our stuff, 'cause I gotta go two weeks without wearing contacts and then we have to go in. And then like a couple days after you can't do anything, right? I'm assuming you have to take it easy, you're not gonna go out and fucking. I've done very limited research, but I've heard that they've gotten good enough at it where it's like 24 to 48. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, I think that's what we'll aim for early November. I gotta reach out to my guy, Brad, and then we'll see what's going on. I got big news. Kevin kisner just texted me. And he found out that he is 13th in the pip standings. And if he can get into the top ten, he would be very grateful of the foreplay golf podcast and it's large following. So I have a question, Dan, do we? Is social media not count this year? Does it? I don't think it's clear. I don't think it's like so should people just Google him? Like if all of our powers just Google Kevin kisner like a million times a day, will that help? I think that would probably help. Yeah. And I think if they maybe mention, I don't think it's like social media is definitely part of it, but it's not like its own category, but I also think the top 20 get paid out this year. So he's going to get money, it sounds like.

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