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Well, back to the Browns, you can Brown cow show. I am sure he making. We are talking to the vivacious my God that you were. So your answers, Dana Prosser professor. Yes. The next question is to you. Thank you. Yeah, you. So my understanding than as you transitioned while you're working in technology company, is that correct? Yeah. So can you tell us a little bit about how you navigated that with the people at work and have had there? Yeah, one of the good things about working at a big company HR. Their job, they can be your friend your to be your advocate and your friend. And so the first thing I did was reach out to HR and said, when it is and you'd have any, you know, is there anything else I need to know? But this is going to go down right now And so. And it was a cool company very open, a lot of queer folks working there. So there were pretty much real verse, and I was really surprised these told me where the bag was that didn't have, you know, that wasn't gender, so I could feel comfortable because let me tell you even before started transitioning, it'd being Bush stike trying to go to the bathroom start to get really tricky, and this is way before to North Carolina bathroom thing. You know, because a little guy you're standing in line, you know, out of bar to go to the bathroom Clinton's. Has this girl around like sure, you're right line. And it's plenty of times I've brought trial or the my breast approve just indeed as the right line of why would I stand as mine if I wasn't a go to restroom. And this was this before you even begun, you translate? Yeah. Even at at this job, I wouldn't wanna go down into that back in the basement. I wanna go into women's restroom and his plants. Get on the unit wrong Rothe room. So I was like four to make other people. Give no on my comfort. It was other people calling late sure that I use the bathroom that that was down the basement, but at least they told me where it was. There's nothing they can really do about, you know mean you know going to the bathroom, but as it was, it was an annoyance. And I know a lot of noise. So people who blur the gender line, but how they dress and how the here, you know, trying to go to bathroom could be an ordeal. I remember being in a bar Cisco and I was just, you know, it was what I was just done at the San Francisco eagle, and it was the miserable one with the door barely hanging, and that's the door. The rest are all trans guys go to the one two from door gotta go to the bathroom. Gotcha. So it was another guy that was the pain on my do sonar, but I really kinda like stand and guards store from I go to the bathroom -cause trans guys, like really, I'm a guy to do the same. Thing for me. So, but this is like the bathroom drama. And so I'm glad to told me about it. But when I when I came to my bosses, I didn't change my name, but that's like, please just try to at least like knowledge, my gender that I choose to use the pronouns on they do. They're really cool, but it was really cool, but I knew that it would be easier for me to change companies start over. Sure. You know you had to reinvent yourself, do blah, blah. So they started laying off and then I'm like, you know what? This is a great time for me to say goodbye. Went to another company that I was there for like eleven years for they start over. I only came out for certain people, but not everybody new. I was trying to think most people just thought of the gay guy. As it was a trip when I when I brought my my owner to the Christmas party and my fiance, they'd be like your what? Oh, oh, okay. Already would give hurdles like you for a woman. Gay man. No. That was always a trip, but the I only out at myself may lead to women one because they help bring their all girl. And I know it's always had my little spots. I have. I go wondering all these women because, again, Iraq. I was gay guy like, no, you can religious talk about anything..

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