General Rosenstein, Corey Lewandowski, Intel discussed on America's Morning News


President trump is not a target of this investigation in his mind now you have to remember that mister gatti's loves the fbi and the department of justice i think all americans want to have a good department of justice and fbi doing their job and if they're targeting russians or chinese or what have you that's what we expect them to do however the challenge we have in this is that they actually targeted a political campaign the donald trump and that were that even though mr gatty believes that the president is not a target of this investigation his campaign is and i think that's where the challenge occurs so do you think then that the fbi did the right thing in terms of investigating the campaign looking for russia's interference mr gowdy has loaned or what he's heard he believes the fbi was doing the right thing and you know what could solve this for year we've been waiting almost a year now we've been waiting for documents from the deputy attorney general so deputy attorney general rosenstein could provide all the documents all the information that we need this week and we could write a report we could write a letter by that says hey looks like the fbi it looks like everything could finish this by making the comments to the fox business network gouty made the claims after an intel briefing with lawmakers on the origin of the investigation nunez claims there was an antitrump bias within the agency new this morning the president's legal team has sent a memo to the special counsel claiming can't be compelled to testify and as the president cannot obstruct justice because he has the authority to if quote he wished terminate the inquiry or even exercise has power to pardon former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski told fox news.

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