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Like the abortion mills because I know they're begging begging Baltimore like they were in my most most of the abortion mills are set up in our major cities eighty six eighty six percent of the abortions in New York City, for instance, are blacks black babies that to me is just outrageous that has that has genocidal. That's what I wanted to bring up 'cause doesn't out. Nobody smoking. Is that issue? I mean, Delaware just maybe a year or two ago just made it so overwhelmingly welcoming for Mel style clinics to come into Wilmington and Newark. It's it's incredible. What they did through legislative. And then I'm I'm wondering why why doesn't the people that live in Baltimore. See what is going on with the I believe abortion has a big thing to do with child population. Well, we the the Baltimore City school system was originally built for about one hundred thousand it's now the declining school enrolment, and that could be one reason is now down to eighty thousand. So we do have a declining child and student population. And so that's part of it. And that's the reason why they got close these schools just these are vacant buildings. And and the other reason is poor academic performance. Some of these schools are just again, the you might as well, not even teach the kids, it's that bad. It just goes to that just goes to the the Democrats who are running the city the same thing happened to fill it out. Thank you know. I mean, we've been saying that for years in Philly Newark as you point out in Detroit in some everywhere, wherever we're we're liberals have been put in charge of fighting crime and educating children they've been failing miserably for decades and in the seventies. Philadelphia had Frank Rizzo. You're not going to get that anytime. Those days are long. Gone by Joe, you raise an interesting point. And it's a good one. And thanks so much for listening to the show and and calling in here this morning. Look, I think that some of these schools that are being targeted for being closed and saying town Winchester was look if I were apparent there's no way I would send my child to a school in west Baltimore right now. Just wasn't. I think it's these poor parents and children are risking their lives every day walking to school. So until they're able until the strikeforce or whatever is able to restore order in east and west Baltimore. I think all schools in those areas should be closed and the children should be transferred to relocated to safer schools, where they'll have some safety and security and be have a better opportunity for education because those schools are performing better than the schools in east and west Baltimore. We're throwing so much money per capita per person. At in the school system. It's ridiculous that they're performing so poorly now. Well, here's what Gilmore elementary. That's in Santa on Winchester monarch academy north would apple community, kademi roots and branches. And then the doctor Martin Luther King middle west Baltimore at the end of next year. The board. Previously voted to close Bannock or Blake academy at the end of this school year. And I think is it Pender us if I'm not mistaken is now in the. Again. There's hoping that the Gilmore in nearby. William Pender us elementary middle school will end up being template there, but but again, as I said, you know, it's difficult for children to have to go to school worried about dodged bullets and drug dealers. And it's just it's it's nasty. And then sit there and shiver all exactly all right? So again, I I feel for these parents and for these children, we take it for granted for those of us that either have had children go into suburban schools or private schools, or whatever the case may be. There's an assumption to safety, of course, to the collision school shootings is always a concern for any parent these days, but those are so infrequent. Even though we got struck here and bowl in Maryland. A couple of times, but every day imagine having to live with this. Every day is my child coming home today. That's another angle that has been completely ignored by the media. And by both parties here in Baltimore City,.

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