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Back President Biden's veto threat on bipartisan infrastructure legislation. He left the impression that he was issuing a veto threat on the very plan that he had just agreed to, which was not his intent, Press secretary Jen Psaki noted. Biden issued a quite lengthy and detailed statement. Clarifying that he intends to work his heart out to get the American families planned path. The death toll near Miami Beach has gone to 11 with more than 150. People still missing that condo collapse of last week. The investigation is continuing into the dance of two people in Aracely motivated attack in Winthrop Over the weekend, the 28 year old shooter Nathan Allen, was licensed to carry in the common wall. This person had some very disturbing beliefs. White supremacist beliefs regarding, uh the Jewish members of our Jewish population as well as black individuals. The D. A. Rachel Rollins says the investigation will continue to get answers for the families of the victims. Thanks, But no thanks. The U S. Supreme Court says no. The hearing New Hampshire's challenge of the way Massachusetts taxed out of state residents who were working remotely from Massachusetts companies. Governor. Sununu called that a direct attack on his state sovereignty, something the high court did not agree with, and the average price of a gallon of gasoline in Massachusetts comes in it. 2 98 a gallon crude oil is priced here. More people are traveling more need for gas. The reasons for the spots in sports. The Red Sox beat the Royals 65. Yankees lose to the Angels, 53 and more in 60 seconds. You wanted to see miss? What have you been hearing about the new government modernization efforts. AI are Pa's data science. Things are changing at this agency and people will need new skills. I'd like you to get some training. Look at this management Concepts catalog wow over 275 courses that's right in local classrooms or instructor led online classes. We still have budget in this fiscal years. So sign up online. Advance your career with courses for management concepts. Get a catalogue at management concepts dot com or call 833578 84 66. Hot Washington weather is here to stay. Is your residential.

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