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Dedicate my objection. Toe Ohio's electoral votes to Mr Michael Moore, the producer. The documentary 9 11. It's a double dose of crazy right there. You're mad Maxine Waters talking about crazy Michael Moore. All in the same. She's dedicating her objection to the vote, and he lives in the She's from California. He's living in Michigan, and she's talking about a lile. What's kind of morons do we have run in this joint? The scary part is that many of the ones that air in the 2000 and 2004 videos are still in Congress today. Oh, absolutely, Sheila Jackson Lee's and there She is the famous only Where's the hats? I think she's from Texas. She's in there Hey, like awesome, Cool, Same representation now the opposite side of the issue because it has to do with like we said Donald John Trump and their obsession with him. Maxine Waters is 97 years old in that clip in old four and she's had today she doesn't look a day over 92 dear. Not a day over 92 James T. Harris, the ringmaster. The conservative circus is going to join us next for the first time in 2021 excited to get caught up with the ringmasters coming up after Robbie she with the download. Let's talk about George a big election tomorrow to run off. Most of people have already voted. Some will show up to the polls tomorrow, but it's really for control of the Senate. There's two Democrats running to Republicans running. Republicans need to win one to maintain control of the Senate. Probably the best case scenario, but I don't know Kelly Lawford's race against War Noch is does not look like it's going great. Here's Here's how scary this is. We have a trust fund Socialist Running on Jonah's Sophie, and by the way, his daddy by the mega yacht from China, where all the Chinese dignitaries were there to dedicate you talk about being in bed with China and then war noch is has accusations of his camp. We're talking about child molestation charges and that he's running for Senate and is in good shape to potentially pull it off any last Fidel Castro absolutely off the rails. We have got no question about it. This edition of the Daleks brought you by Edelman Financial engines. Are you prepared for retirement? If not your photo? Ric Edelman calm you spelled it out. Rice, Delmon dot com Right now get you looking traffic here on 5 50 game. What if you're getting ready to head on home on Thomas rode in the West Valley. We have a closure Police investigation. Thomas shut down at 91st Avenue. Now 91st Avenue remains open. But Thomas is closed. So you're probably better off on Indian school right now. It's far as our freeways. Couple of Rex downtown Phoenix. One of those heading east bound I 10 at Seventh Avenue. The other one heading west on I 10 to 24 Street. I'm Lee Pal Traffic 5.

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