Rep. Gaetz: Hillary Clinton Was Engaged in Corruption by Utilizing DOJ


Right, so let's start Matt, give us your response to the latest. It was such a boring document to the judge from Durham saying there might be a conflict of interest between the lawyers representing, you know, Hillary's spy, Michael sussman, but on page two, the atomic bombshell that an individual called Rodney joffe's company wasn't just surveilling president Trump's apartment and Trump Tower, but The White House when we worked in it because quote, quote, from the documents, they had a sensitive arrangement to provide Internet cyber services to The White House. How is this not being picked up by the GOP? Talk to us, man. This is how the deep state works. They utilize national security standards that utilize vendors, they utilize private sector and government sponsored spying, private sector and government sponsored leaks. Seb, you'll remember each and every night when the mainstream media would say that we were Russian agents, we were Putin's lawyers and public relations consultants. And we shared with the American people that the reality was that it was Hillary Clinton. And the Clinton campaign there was engaged in corruption, criminal activity, collusion with Russia, and then utilizing the DoJ, the FBI, the national security apparatus to really I think author these leaks through the mainstream media to try to smear the president and the presidency. So in these Durham indictments, we see that they needed two things. A lie and then they needed so the content of the lie and then the distribution channel. And so they used Russians and they used illegal spying techniques to try to generate the lies and the suspicion. And then they used these DoJ and FBI leaks to get the media to fall

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