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And but but i think the pie. I'm like vinyl dome. Who had the option and it was more money and you know he didn't wanna dither. I think the pie has his heart set on barcelona barcelona no that they're not going do much better than the pie on those terms anyway. I was in spain when van hall tried to bring half the dutch national team to barcelona. Barcelona fans weren't having any of it. So i'm not sure why won a history as a way repeating itself. But i don't know why you would want to. Yeah why open up. That can of worms. So go ahead ronald koeman. If you want. But i don't see it as a as as a long term plan using defies barcelona equality think. He's very talented he's inconsistent. That's a no no. I like him. It's barcelona no no fossil on. I mean can you fit them all in and you have them and you have katina. Can you have greenman and have the pie response for him in the they gotta move some players though. Don't they exactly talent wise. I think i think. Probably yes. But i just i don't see him. I don't see him fit in that show. i think he's a bit inconsistent Saffron was to gab. Marcatti gav is always. Thanks for the time appreciate you. Sorry if we miss classified anything that you said and you catch plenty of more from gabon. Gavin jewish podcast..

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