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And i took the course that's require to get your permit and it was an entering certified instructor you know consults kind of train the trainer and pass on the best practices to two students so you the nra as a domestic terrorist group as this harvard divinity law divinity a professor we mentioned earlier in the show mentioned and everybody who is a member of the nra than by extension is terrorists just as it really square i think with the experience of anybody who is in the shooting sports who's had any interaction with the nra nra members certified nra instructors belongs to sportsman's club and likes to shoot sporting claes or five stand door ski to trap or a handgun whatever a is this the kind of cartoon if caricatures of lawabiding gun owners which of course is the over over overwhelming supermajority of them really does a disservice to fellow american so for the people who are uh one safe spaces for an area cross word play their certainly ready and willing and very cavalier with their characterisations of fellow americans who by the law and in many cases as we saw in las vegas act terrell buckley when presented with the opportunity to do so thanks for the call david let's go to bruce in salt lake city you're on michael medved show hey thanks for taking my call i i could be wrong but i have we had a politician that as a as um i guess it offered that much praised inasmuch thanks to a people and services trump i i feel like every time there's you know a new tragedy or a natural disaster trump is always there to offer immense praise on on those first responders and that really sticks out more yeah thanks for the call bruce i thought that was a nice moment yesterday at the press conference he had after visiting the hospital and meeting with medical professionals and busying but some of the victims and their families where he turned to uh sheriff joseph lombardo the las vegas metropol police sheriff and just kind of like padded him on the shoulder just a great job and you know i thought that was a nice and genuine moment so do other presence of course respect in praise first responders and law enforcement sure they do but for all the criticism trump takes as being.

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