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It did so to get just really quickly the reason you asked like why did they do this or how did they do this we don't make with the slow libertation thing so in the esi people who have listened to the soured earl episode will know that inada pursued dude is fly in our sir sharia dude is floating all around the city nor yeah no sorry that's that's allah that villa daughter whatever what's now that some that's that fucking like me for mere ono that's that's a it's a different excuse me i just i totally miss remembered this sour girl is the one where he's like shirtless ended yaser he's dieting yeah it's all gray of wishing i was nick g was the director of all these videos loses all eddie bad music videos directed by macy's we've done a lot of big g videos but now victoria has you know the this was a mic g video because they wouldn't be standing on the air they'd be standing on a giant stage with a fish lands or even the that wasn't necessarily his thing i was more like hip hop dancers and like big bright light bulbs on a stage you know you look at the corn video he directed the offspring video flight for white guy like he wanted to be hype williams yet by wasn't exactly in the white hype williams anyway there isn't an sdp video whoa what's that song called bella.

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