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This is A. M. nine seven the answer with his nose seventy one degrees what's going on we have the answer a car dealership in New Jersey is cleaning up after being hit especially hard by yesterday's storms including the tornado that touched down James Rubin has more there was hail torrential rain the damaging winds that in some spots at speeds of seventy miles per hour the tornado touched down for the National Weather Service around two forty five in the afternoon in Springfield and it certainly took everyone of the BMW dealership on route twenty two by surprise it was on the other side actually this building here had one as well and half of the roof is off we had a transformer fall inside of a car here on the side which qualified we see the Paul dear the wires and they were just going like crazy like what I eat and the my coworkers the morning roadways were flooded cars were stranded in over one hundred lightning strikes were reported west of Newark James foreman NBC news radio New Jersey Kennedy airport in Newark airport ranking among the top five airports for amenities study by the points guy finds Kennedy number one Newark fourth when it comes to lounges restaurants quality of life in sustainability however the travel news website says that overall out of fifty Kennedy is number twenty two nation wide while new workers thirty four forget about the cornea one of the lowest rated airports in the country coming in at number forty five in sports preseason football at the Meadowlands the giants lead the jets thirty one to fifteen there in the fourth quarter Yankees over the blue jays twelve to six Major League Soccer NYC FC over used and three to two time to check the traffic now the George Washington bridge looking good no delay for the Lincoln tunnel thirty of the outbound Highlander reminder that the covered road way as close north bound between the totally circle and Jersey Avenue for overnight construction a crash in the left lane of the deacon north by the cross Bronx you don't know how not to go whether partly cloudy tonight lows seventy five partly to mostly sunny Friday eighty five day banning AM nine seventy the end yes maybe Saturday and Sunday just in time for back to school girls and boys follows our three Bucks in stores only plus Saturday only jeans or ten Bucks for adults seven Bucks for kids at all maybe an Old Navy dot com the lady tenth grade eleven limited five posts like sells only school is almost here so my mom takes me a Walgreens for great deals in only school favorites like this week in this conserve gas tax only four ninety nine and select varieties of paper me and should be writing utensils and just forty nine cents wedding jewelry what makes it easy for my mom to find everything she needs at great prices with your card August twenty fourth quantities Walgreens trusted since nineteen oh one Sunday mornings at four nine seven the answer if you the change of.

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