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The inconveniences of the shadow life we lead Friends may come Friends might go The movie Enemies are always faithful Is benediction And Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday joined us earlier with her review This is a beautiful film by the British filmmaker Terence Davies who has made some extraordinary essay films about his own youth growing up in England And he turns his sights to siegfried sassoon who really had a remarkable life of beautiful poet and Davies does not do a conventional biopic here It's essay you stick as is his style jumps around in time but delivers a really emotionally powerful portrait of this man who was haunted all his life by the devastation and loss that he witnessed And especially coming now when I think a lot of us are dealing with trauma in different ways for different reasons It's really a stunning portrait of trauma and somebody working his way through it And I just want to single out Jack loud and who plays the young siegfried sassoon Peter capaldi plays him as an older gentleman but it's a really extraordinary performance It's just a beautiful film Hey Ann you can't live in Washington and ignore any Watergate themed film So tell us about the Indy 18 and a half Well here we are It's almost a 50th anniversary of the break in Hillary Brace yourself my dear you know the Watergate movies are coming They are And this is from the satirical filmmaker Dan Murray who takes a little bit of a oblique slant onto a very niche aspect of the Watergate drama which has to do with Howard Hughes and some mysterious payments to the Republican committee and IT and T wonder bread has it supporting role It's a very unconventional eccentric look But I think for a complete and people who are really into the minutiae of Watergate they might get a kick out of it This is going to be at the regal majestic for a week and at the Arlington drafthouse for a special screening on Sunday And that's Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday joining us on Skype Lots of excitement at the French Open and Frank Henry will have all the details 5 13 an orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain painless It's the biggest frustration that patients have This is doctor Pamela Mehta talking about aches with unexpected origins I see patients with pain in their knees their hips their back oftentimes the pain is actually coming from their feet Bet they aren't expecting to hear that Those patients are super surprised They can't believe that the pain in their knee isn't coming from actually inside the meat But if you think about it the feet are the base to your whole body That's why she suggests personally fit arch supports emphasis on the personal fit Few get something basting it just on your shoe size it isn't going to fit you properly And if it doesn't fit well it probably won't work well Go get our supports fitted to you It's as easy as going into a good feet store The good feet store has 7 locations in greater D.C. and Baltimore Visit good feet dot com for the location nearest you.

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