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More from Capitol Hill. Republicans responded to President Biden's $1.7 trillion infrastructure proposal with a $928 billion counter offer. It's a serious effort to try to reach Bipartisan agreement. West Virginia Republican Shelley Moore Capito was leading negotiations for the GOP insist the two sides remain far apart on the scope of what should be included in an infrastructure bill. When you're looking at the 1.7 Trillion from the White House, what do you looking at? You're looking at 400 billion for the caring Economy. The Republican offer relies largely on repurpose ng funding approved in covert relief money The White House insist is not available for infrastructure legislation. From the Alan Samuels. Volkswagen Weather Studio. Allen Samuels, Volkswagen Your friend in the car business. Partly sunny will be in the mid seventies. Today Tonight will drop to the mid fifties. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy back to the mid seventies and cooling off tomorrow night to the upper fifties on Sunday cloudy a chance of storms highs in the mid seventies and then Sunday night will drop into the low sixties and zooming ahead to Monday. Memorial Day We could see storms there likely and will be in the mid seventies. I'm Jacqueline Scott NewsRadio 1000 Katie. Okay, NewsRadio 1000 Katie. Okay Studios, a service of trade and wealth. Your local.

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