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News channel five CBS. Where report police a woman is behind bars accused of setting a house on fire this woman actually knew the. People inside that home according to the affidavit Chamisa how showed up to this home and apparently she was angry, because she, didn't get invited to a party that the homeowner. Was throwing their affidavit says house pulled up a truck rather with an unknown man and that's when she got out and started screaming. About, not being invited to this party with three other. People inside of that home now when those people at home wouldn't let. Her inside she told them she was, going to light the house on fire police say she walked back to the truck pulled out a jug. Of lighter fluid in started pouring it all over the. Front window of the house she then took a butane lighter. And lit the fire she and that unknown man sped off as three people inside Put the fire out drop include fish McCausland I hate when I have to give the people who, actually do, what they say they are going to do first. Of all you got the nerve did not invite me to the house party and then when I pull up anyway you going to. Open, the door and tell me I can't come in. I'm standing here watching your drink all the RIMI all this Araca me. And all my favorite songs play in, my feelings smile bitch what play walkie talkie is that some high grade Cush I smell in the air. Or y'all just having a bomb time in this house. Without me and you won't let me in always letting there Hold on I show you let me a few moments okay just keep doing in my feeling challenge police said make a, walk the, Trump pulled out a juggle lighter fluid and started pointing, over the front window at a house police she didn't took a butane lighter and got the house party lit- literally drop bombs fishery cows again How does. She. Did she says. She was gonna do now of, course people inside. The party had their phones recording everything instead of calling nine one one so we have audio from inside. The house party let's hear how people reacted in the house after she meek the, party.

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