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Keith Cocaine, Writer, Lakota West High School discussed on The Gem on The Queen's Crown


I want to share that hey since nine dayton's all right and i love being part of the sports scene so with the whole meat potatoes thing off the plate it's time for dessert and that is quick updates on local sports if you like summer soccer i wish the dynamo were playing this year but apparently there is very important news down the pipeline we have to be patient and it might be more than a stadium site i have goosebumps about that but the dayton dutch lions and the cincinnati dutch lions are starting their seasons this weekend remember there's no women seem in the wpa sl this year wait till next season hopefully the dayton dutch lines open up at doc stadium in west carrollton ohio against the west virginia chaos and the cincinnati dutch lions will be at home against lansing united if you're dynamo fan for past few seasons you know lansing united was in the nps l jumped to the pd l this season cincinnati calls n k u soccer stadium home and that place is gorgeous of one day i get to announce that an k you but we'll see for the cincinnati sirens there the women's soccer team in town they play at lakota west high school in westchester though opened up the season the saturday against eagles and my good friend keith cocaine is the broadcaster for the sirens so go follow him see where to watch that thursday is writer day at fifth third field as rights day will host over kentucky to close out the regular season thursdays at fifth third field free emission go to wc writers dot com or dayton dragons dot com figure out how to get your free tickets there friday and saturday back initialled stadium i'm back friday as the pa announcer rights state narva kentucky can't weights also.

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