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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Staying dry for the rest of today. High temperatures in the lower to middle fifties then between about five PM and seven PM. We'll see snow spread from the high country here into the metro area. Obviously if you're going to be in the mountains prior to that time plan on winter driving conditions up there, we shouldn't get much of anything until the tail end of this evening's commute overnight tonight. We're expecting to four inches of heavy wet slushy spring style. Snow for most of us. Tonight's low twenty two if you're south or east of Denver amounts could be higher and there could be near blizzard conditions long. I seventy east of Denver tonight from CBS forum, astronauts here on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM sunny skies. But it is starting to cloud up over the front range mountains, we've got forty eight degrees in centennial a blizzard warning is in effect tonight for the northeastern planes Natalie Sullivan with the national weather service says people in that area. We'll see heavy snow at times are likely to see five to ten inches of snow and about fifty mile per hour winds. So the two of those together could lead to a blizzard conditions. Warning in effect from eight tonight until eleven tomorrow morning, and she says the Denver metro areas getting snow, but not nearly as much and not as much wind will actually be two to six inches in the Denver metro area, depending on where you live for areas like boulder and Longmont were expecting lesser amounts like two to four inches. She says there's still some uncertainty as to the exact track. This storm will take. So stay tuned for updates in the forecast. Denver teachers. We'll take a second vote whether to go on strike governor. Jared police.

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