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Night. We're good Philip rivers thirteen point five fantasy points Keenan Allen five for seventy and a touchdown. But interesting here Austin cler fifteen for sixty six on the grounds to find you. Then he gets banged up a stinger issues. What we're hearing connector biggest concern for them is that they play on Thursday right now. And you're talking about coming back from something that he has a history of this type of injury. It's got to be a little more concern for him. The good news is that we've been talking about Melvin Gordon doing. Well, I think some people thought he might even be back this last week wasn't quite ready. But it sounds like he could be available by Thursday. So stay tuned. But I believe that you will more likely see you're more likely to see Melvin Gordon than Austin. You might wanna see some Justin Jackson in the waiver wire column this week in case both of those players couldn't go we'll find. Now, let's keep an eye on whether they promote anybody else from the practice squad or add another body at running back the Broncos looses to fund his beloved forty Niners twenty to fourteen as the final winners first game with out manual Sanders. And it was not. Portland. Son who got banged up a bit himself but day, Sean Hamilton, Tim, Patrick who went crazy for the Broncos. Matthew nailed it with the day. Sean Hamilton longshot calling fantasy football now, actually more. Also got more are more call him Patrick. So both of you are right to separate Broncos wide receivers. Matthew. What did we learn? Did we find out that any of these players is actually a worthy at right now in Venice football for the final three weeks? I think than worth adding I don't know that you feel confident about starting any of them. So it's worth adding to certainly in keeper leagues, I would assume Cortlandt sentence already been a long roster days labor leagues. Right. You know? But but DeJean Hamilton may still be out there. So I think that's sort of interesting here. One of the reasons like that I like DeJean Hamilton as the fantasy longshot was because I felt like he was going to run the majority of the slot roles. Forty two percent of his coming into this game. Forty two percent of his routes have been run from the slot. Which is where I think keenum likes to throw. And we're Sanders at a ton of success in this offense. So you know at home against Cleveland than at Oakland in week sixteen. Home to a charters team that might be resting some players in week seventeen. So I do think day Sean Hamilton is kind of an interesting name to roster sorta depends on your leak, and what else you have out there. But the other thing I think you learned here is that you don't feel that we're going to need to see it from Portland saddened before you can trust them. Because if if ever there was a game from to do something this was it and he didn't. Yeah. I mean, it's all these guys we're sort of like, I still want. I would like to see them see consistently do what at least one more game. And the problem is running out of time sometimes will be over in week sixteen for the forty Niners. George kill was unbelievable. Literally historic seven to ten in touchdown in the first half alone. Savan us. Unbelievable. I now I mean, look we we've been talking about him all year, Matthew, you were on the bandwagon for George kindle, it perhaps earlier than anyone what what he's been able to provide is consistency. No matter which quarterback is playing under center. No matter what the situation is even on a team that's been dealing with injuries to pass catchers all around the one consistent..

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