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Have a problem with people with people getting second chance because I think you could learn a lot of things your first opportunity but I don't think that it makes them a prohibitive favorite. He was fired in bring Bait and retire and he was fighting Green Bay because they significantly believed that they significantly under a team like the point. Bear bear false. The the perception exception on Mike McCarthy is that winning one championship with one of the best quarterbacks we've ever seen is underachieving so how adding him to this new situation makes him the favourite. I can't can't go out on that limb I think the rest of the team's division. Maybe not that good but the eagles talented and they're going to get healthy and they have a better coaching staff. I disagree with Y'all Paul With both of Y'all because I think you're looking y'all looking at it all wrong. y'All looking at McCarthy against Peterson and I don't view it that way I look. McCarthy is as an upgrade from Jason Garrett with the level of talent on Dallas that the eagles don't necessarily have available to themselves not to say that they're not talented but if we've got questions which is about cost and winters door ability and whether or not he's GonNa make a playoff game all right well then that's relevant if we're wondering about the show Jackson and his future in Philadelphia. The nets relevant. If we're wondering about Al Jaffee Nelson Angelo dropping passes then that's relevant whereas with the Dallas cowboys. Even though they had a significant amount of drops themselves. What are we paying attention to? We're paying attention to Amari. Cooper is number not being called. We don't anticipate that will happen with Mike. McCarthy we're looking at Zeke Elliott not getting enough carries. He gets a five. You know eight or nine carries for damn near a hundred yards in. The first half doesn't see the ball in the second half. We're not anticipating that with Mike McCarthy. So what what I'm saying is is that it's really not about McCarthy against Peterson it's about McCarthy against Garrett what is the difference between the two and if the answer is that McCarthy is an upgrade considering the Bevy of talent that the Dallas cowboys have available to them that. I don't think it's beyond around comprehension that we can look at the Dallas cowboys along with the history of the NFC east constantly being a dogfight whether they're elite or mediocre. They all seem to be in knows categories. Together it's rare when you look at the NFC east and once that's elite and everybody else thinks that usually all think together or they're all competitive together and I think that's what you have to pay attention. Bali cowboy not what the eagles. NFC East's Stephen. As not telling you just hope in the middle of the back Stephen Davies the cowboys to everyone. I think you might just be hoping because I'm surprised. Surprised Steven didn't jump all over you. I thought you were very hypocritical when yesterday. We hear you arguing with dinner. Lobski how Josh mccown led this team just as well as Carson wentz ants. He's not elite at this moment he can't take them Super Bowl and then you pick the eagles as the winners in this division winning division Carson. Wentz we saw a couple years. Go Win Freedom. Through week thirteen they had a great record then the next year not so good and then this year against this. NFC East competition. It's not just once but his head coach. Look if you look at the different sports of course everything matters but like baseball is a league the GM's have made the biggest impact basketball player league players. Make the biggest impact football coaches league. The coach makes the biggest impact. And I think pizza is better than back if they're both healthy. Just Dacca's healthy more. But I think I think Peterson gives you a premium over every coaching estimates. You're you're right. That coats relative to other sports. Football coach has a bigger impact unpack. But if you're talking about the person or the player or the codes or the GM who has the most impact on on a game. It's the quarterback and I think I do believe in Carson in which he made me a believer. I was with you and saying that his only. MVP season was with the team. That was good enough to win without him but what I saw from him in the last several weeks made me a believer. I think Dak Prescott is right on that level also but this question is about the favorites in the division which speaks through the entire organization. It speaks to the general manager. The coach the quarterback all the players both offense offense defensive line in the playmakers in the secondaries. You put all that together. I think what the Eagles have. There is more impressive intimidating than what the cowboys have in their situation. They certainly a good enough team in a very talented team. And they should have been in contention for the division or at least run away with the division with all those other bad teams in the division. But I don't think that McCarthy changes I don't feel any more confident if I do marginally more confident than I do with the cowboys with McCarthy Jason Garrett just admit that you need the cowboys we all do. Don't we also. Hello I I. I don't need it but I just want to remind Dominique you. You weren't here to start at the show I'm here in Dallas because I'm doing my mba show on from from the arena. The mass tonight and I'm in Dallas. There's a press conference going one day a rich Tau Ripple Jerry Jones Stephen. Just nobody's invited me to press conference. I can't believe it. I mean I'm here bothered money. I'm getting brancheau songs now. I I can get it I get it of course. That's what I'm saying. I have not been invited. I did not receive an invitation from the Jones family. I'm stunned. I'm so hurt. 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So you don't want to end up on the highlight reels on. Come on man or something like that. The true story so good Dominic still here with US guys going to be a lot of fun. The Tennessee Titans will take on Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. The Ravens also have their hands full with bruising running back Derrick. Did you see this guy in Foxborough. I mean he carried the whole team. It was ridiculous on his birthday. But we'll look at the entire. NFL Weekend Stephen. Who Do you think has the most to lose on divisional weekend exam? I think that you know he's got the most those pressure on him. Or what. Have you listened. Lamar Jackson as far as I'm concerned as playing with house money regardless of the Herculean effort that we've seen him put forth this year hospital Takkula Louis. He has looked particularly running football.

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