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M P 1 80 Weight loss Empowering A healthier You 8 18 Now to the W. T O P Traffic Center, where we find Bob Himmler and on the inner loop of the Beltway at Gallows Road, there's gonna crash on the right side of the roadway, And at last report, it was blocking the right lane, but that they may have been out of the roadway Now it was never a problem for traffic. Except you may come up to it at speed and 95 south out after Dale City. That crash remains out of the road. Away and they're to be seen. All travel lanes are open. But traffic does get by really without delay, even though it's still there to be seen. It had been on the left shoulder down traffic running well on 3 95 between the Beltway on the 14th Street Bridge and 66. That, too, is without delay, of course, with the heavy rains out there In some spots. There is water on the roadway, which can pile up high enough to cause people spit out. That seems to be the biggest problem with people getting into accidents today is to spin up possibility and In Maryland on 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Things are generally pretty good. Now they were looking for the crash, South bound Baltimore Washington Parkway in 1 95. And you have some activity there believe it's all on the left side of the roadway and on 95 north bound after 8 95 Harbor tunnel through way, there is a bit of a slow down There may be an incident up ahead there 50 out to the Bay Bridge that runs without delay. Bobbin redoubled Ethiopia traffic. And now to storm Team four meteorologist Mike Standiford, which whether advisor until one in the morning, along and west of the Blue Ridge. Showers.

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