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Exact same present so he despise the same present for everybody for every bell k what is it this year and it's for the people who you like but you're not super close cher may be as an express a machine yet one year he gave everybody a rubel you're the agreement that's a great idea wasn't what else is you by him he said at a great idea though i know you can afford at just by everybody said i thought they were like the jetsons i just love the rubel and he said one you're a gave everybody street no chaser a documentary about pianist in composer thelonious monk and um he just said i don't know what it's going to be this year in an interview with paid sex but i just get everyone that i have to get a gift i just by the same one in multiples that against really funny that's a great way of doing it though he kinda i am thinking he's onto something let me get to discover buy in bulk maybe oh my gosh i would just love that the okay as guide eastwards says this what he's redeem right now clint eastwood son yeah he said right now i'm reading sapiens a brief history of humankind great book phenomenal actually ever when to check it out okay back to santa barbara and his rating that yes you here's what he's working on a guy oh no i don't know if i has reading safely in the history of humankind he is working right now wasn't pacific wam a bomb yes yeah but why is it as equal the guerrillas pacific rim uprising and he's in their services they go to shape of water more del toro to them to lose and will be charlie hunnam charlie is not in this secret now restore odds charlotte charlotte you're aware i'm we're going to update you wear yet because i feel like he's doing at is he really of he's doing nod debbie nonpap young no i don't have to her we'll be back.

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