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How a kind of just in one hand I very lucky and at the same time like I did also put myself in position where there's a possibility for an opportunity. You know, a lot of guys might do stuff. Like, oh oil from going to get booked over can you this wash go? Well, if you don't go there's one hundred inch tons of nothing happening. So now that that's what I that's Bris Fogel. He 'cause he I don't even know if you really sold me wrestle. He does seminar with. Us and then we did a tag match together against some other guys. But it's a new wasn't my wrist thing like ability that would have impressed me. And I know you said it was more like the work ethic. I was doing stuff like the young boys day all the extra jobs, and like run around picked people up during the ring, and this and this and that so it was more the attitude that made them recommend me to them. And then obviously follow being now is it sounds like it would fit in when you've been through the system. I remember I've I haven't thought of the story for years, but when I was started working here in like, I said, no that changed the tenders company with John Gaito coast called war wer. Actually, she was there. But and then they asked me do you want to come to the DOJ? Oh for six months because I was here every month. So instead of flying back and forth. Do you want to live in the DOJ not to shave the habit just live there? And I tracked down Chris Ben Juan called him. I didn't know him just to ask him. 'cause I knew he had trained the Dozo. And that's how we became friends. I was like I was a I'm arrested ago. And I'm just asking. Why should I go to the DOJ Japan? Is it what are you talking about? And then he thought that was really cool, and instead of taking real interest in me, probably the same as David did for you because he knows the system, and if you're willing to go to the DOJ, oh, you're not just some hack. Famous wrestler bills. You. Really, you really risking it really going to be committed to and that was the same for me. When like, you know, the opportunity was coming up at the DOJ is that was more surreal to me than doing like w trout or anything like that. Because it was you know, so prestigious to get into. And like I said the guys that I looked up to like yourself. Ben y Idi that I knew that will come through new Japan. So I was like oh, man. That sounds really don't think. But of course, not going to say no to that. So you do what you can to to get that opportunity. Let's talk about some of the things that you had to do in the DOJ on. I'm guessing that one of them is not winning a million dollars. Okay. But I know how you can win a million dollars. You can do that. If you sign up for diamond, Dallas, Page's positively unstoppable challenge. Seriously, make a commitment to your own life. Sign up for the challenge, and you might win a million dollars. Okay. Dallas even giving you all the tools you need to do it..

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