Fox News, President Trump, Officer discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Chance. I'm Jack Callaghan. Fox news. Sacramento. Police have just released body camera footage from the standoff Wednesday night that left a young police officer dead. Video shows officers at the scene of a domestic disturbance knocking than identifying themselves only to be met with a volley of rifle fire. Police chief Daniel Hahn reacting. Things are cleared by the fact that we know at this point. Essentially ambushed suspect. And the result was him urging of our communities. Police officers police officer terror Richardson was hit by several of the rounds. One of which her sergeant describes his non survivable after several hours long standoff at all rumbles surrendered to police. He's been charged with murder. The county prosecutor is on the scene of a horrible traffic accident in northern New Hampshire state police say collision between a pickup truck towing a large trailer in several motorcycles has left seven people dead. Three others hurt the road, strewn with motorcycles and debris. Police still reconstructing happened congressional reaction to the president's decision to pull back on a military response to Iran's shootout of a US military drone on Capitol Hill are breathing a sigh of relief that the president decided not to go through with these attacks at the very last minute. And house speaker Nancy Pelosi wants the president to take a deep breath and de escalate the situation with Iran Hillary. On tennessee. Senator Marsha Blackburn, telling Fox News at night, we have to do is force a run back to the negotiating table. The J C P O was a bad deal for us. It did not do anything to address the funding of terrorism nor did it do anything to deter a Ron from getting a nuclear weapon approaching midday of the Persian Gulf all quiet for now. This is Fox News. Bluecross blueshield believes everyone should have access to healthcare. No matter who you, are you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training..

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