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I'm Dan Hyman after coming under criticism for for attacking a witness during impeachment testimony president. Donald Trump is now lashing out at a State Department employee and adviser to Vice President. The pants who is set to testify career Foreign Service Officer. Jennifer Williams is expected to repeat closed door testimony about trump's discussions Russians with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski which she called unusual and inappropriate. Trump has called her a long time. Never-trumper we're trumper speaker of the house. Nancy Pelosi says trump can testify to the committee either in person or in writing if he wants Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says trump should appear as Schummer puts it. He shouldn't tweet. He should come to the committee testify under oath. The White House seems unlikely to accept the invitation one witness who is scheduled. This week is a you ambassador. Gordon Sunland he may say in public under oath. The trump directed him to get dirt on Joe Biden and to withhold aid to Ukraine until it was forthcoming police in Hong Kong are threatening threatening to use live ammunition as demonstrators at a university campus countered water cannons and stinging chemical sprays with Molotov cocktails in what some read as threatening signal. Chinese army troops left their barracks last week for the first time but so far have only removed improvise various various to traffic around this country. Some utilities are pushing to protect their profitability as more people get electricity from rooftop solar. You're some want to charge more for maintaining the grid others WanNa cut what they pay when folks feed excess power when they're meters run backwards under. What's it's known as net metering one solar group estimates of proposal by the Idaho Power Company to no longer pay the regular retail rate for net? metered power would turn the investments already made in solar by thirteen hundred families and small businesses suddenly on economic the utility wants to cut in half Off The price it pays for excess. Electricity sent back to the green from solar owners. BRIANNA KABORE with boats solar says the change will lead to large bill increases for more more than four thousand customers to Franks traditional power. Interests are working to stall progress to protect their old way of doing business..

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