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This year has been difficult on a lot of people. And it's been an adjustment for artist in all mediums like in for singers for you know actors and for pretty much anyone in the arts is. It's been an adjustment. So how have you been adjusting to the past year. So at the past year was rough. It was it was a rough year. You know and then you sort of feel funny even saying that because it's been rough for everybody Like heavy for everybody in lieu of work. I've been really lucky. Because i'm over artist so even when i can't do something where you see me on a set i can still do voice over work. So that's a blessing to be able to do that and i've started doing some film work as well which is which was weird And still feels weird to be on the set. Because i still sort of feel like earth. Close to me so professionally. I would have to say that. I've been I've been pretty lucky in that respect. You know personally. It's taken some adjusting to it's been Wild it's been a frightening year. It's been a year full of really intense anger If there is an emotion on the emotional scale. I don't think that would that we've been saved from it this year. I think we've gone done that whole circle. So you know. I'm grateful to be healthy especially as asthmatic. I'm very grateful to be healthy. I'm grateful that my family wasn't touched as often as some people have been By colt in that type of loss. I've lost friends. I've lost family and it's been a year to be perfectly honest Known honesty neil. I'm grateful for the possibility of change. We'll see you know how just how much people are able to do but you know january twentieth when everybody finally got inside and the doors are locked in the cameras were gone. I felt like i could breathe a little bit. I just wanted everybody to go. Inside was like this great. Can you now go inside. Everyone inside i want to step. Children is what everybody inside. So i was really felt like it felt like at the end of the move of a movie like a movie. Shoot where. I've been wearing a corset and i have to take that course get to take the course of out for the last day if felt like i have been wearing a course for four years and i finally got to take that thing off and get a deep breath in I felt like i could just breathe. A little bit is very great metaphor. We've all been wearing spanks for the last four years.

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