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More importantly, reduces the risk of you having to hear. Hi. I'm Cory. Why? I wish I had headphones. I would put them on. I think I speak for all men. When I say forget the middle seat, Let's focus on blocking out the middle urinal. Yeah. Follow Gina barberry on Twitter at are of age. Gina, This is radio from Hell on X 96. So there's no I see. I guess I think where is there a middle urinal on a plane. But I said, OK, I e. That's not a very good joke. Well, it it's okay because there's no you're in a lot of plain No. All right. Let's let's get to, uh well, let's see. We got Boehner fight here in about five minutes. So before that a reasonable amount of news brought to you by young power sports in Centerville is Utah's newest power sports dealer. Tri City Performances now young power sports in Centerville, Your Polaris and Victory. Motorcycle dealer. See Inventory online, a young power sports dot com Police responded to the FedEx ground facility on Indianapolis, Indiana Southwest side just after 11 p.m. last night. For a report of shots fired at a business. There was an active shooter situation when officers arrived and said that Johnny Cook spokes person for the Indianapolis Metro police. Eight people were killed. In and around the facility. I don't known that number of others. Went to hospitals with injuries. Suspect shooter also dead. Police believe the shooter took his own life. Oh, There's still really no word on Whatever. Who is who he is Rain. So It's again here we are again Another and I ranted about it earlier. We all did. I'm not going to do it again. Just You know the problems. You know what's what's would Not completely eliminate this, but you know what could go a long way to help? Um With the problem. Hmm. Let's see. Um I slept with Joey Ramone. You did Belle. I didn't know you did that. Pete Davidson is going to play Joey Ramone in an upcoming Netflix bio pic about the late punk rocker. It's called. I slept with Joey Ramone. And the project will team Davidson back up with Director Jason Orly who directed Davidson. Stand up special big time adolescents. You guys see that? Did you see it carrying? No, I did not. The movie is based on the Mickey Leigh memoir of the same name with Ah featured treatment penned by Pete Davidson and the director, Mr Orly. I can..

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