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Deployment of body cameras across every police department takes effect, adding when used properly. The cameras provide protection to citizen and police officer alike and at the footage can be used by courts and investigators. James Flippen. W O R New Thousands of people are dead after suffering from kidney failure in the first seven months of the pandemic, the CDC releasing a report saying there was an excess of up to 10,000 deaths during that time period. The technical name is end stage renal disease, which means the kidneys stops working and filtering a person's blood requiring the patient to get Diane Ellis is or transplant the CDC ads. These patients face a higher risk for Corona virus related mortality because of their weakened immune systems. Another week. Another cyber attack this time a major meat producer was hit hard in the White House is trying to help babies. He's Andy Field understand the latest, just like the gas pipeline attack. The White House thinks this one on JBs Foods also originated overseas. The White House's engaging directly with Russian government on this matter and delivering the message that risk responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals. Biden spokesperson Karine Jean Pierre saying the government's working with companies to spot and prevent these attacks the gas pipe. Line paid a multi million dollar ransom to get their computer system back and he failed. ABC NEWS Washington Scientists are revealing a new species of amphibian dubbed the Chocolate Frog, a paper in the Australian Journal of Zoology. Is one of the brown colored frog was discovered in 2016 in New Guinea. He had to do genetic testing to ensure it really was a new species. The chocolate frog was able to remain unknown for many years because it lives deep within rainforest swamps, the study's co authors said its closest relative that's known is the Australian green tree frog. The Yanks beat the Rays after 11 innings. Here's the call on W F A. N as Clint Frazier hits a two run homer in the bottom of the 11th inning to win the game four New York Rio one twine There goes deep left field in his high that is far ahead of gone, I'll walk off Bobby 11 game winning two run home run Brazier, Clint Frazier Frazier goes down town, he It's a two run game winning walk off home run, and the Yankees beat Tampa in 11 by the score of 53. Also on the scoreboard. The Brooklyn Nets beat the Celtics won 23 21 Oh nine, and they move on to the second round of the NBA playoffs..

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