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I, you know I wanNA. Take a look for just a minute at an exchange. Still talking about Wallace and trump I want to take a look at an exchange between a guy named Andrew Maher on the BBC and the Chinese Ambassador to Britain remember last week we played those just horrific pictures of Wieger Muslims, being on their knees hooded, shave, their heads shaved, being fruited onto trains like it was the Holocaust and we know that the we grew Muslims are being raped to there being. Re educated they so lovely. Lovely phrase they have fort in China. This is a an atrocity going on while our NBA's doing business with them, and then telling their players that they can wear black lives matter shirts Marxist black lives matter shirts while supporting and doing business with the Chinese Communist Party that is committing these atrocities, so you know when I talk about the end of institutions. They just make it out there there naked in front of us that they don't. This is not a moral thing. This is all about kowtowing. Is All about the money? It's all about fear. Being sued a fear of being seen as racist, which is like the worst thing. Anybody can be called in America. So Andrew Marr and the BBC is a stone leftist organization. The BBC is a an outgrowth of the of the Socialist Party. In Britain, it is just a socialist organization. You do not get the news from the BBC okay. Still still the professional journalists okay, they are professional leftist journalist. They're unfair. They're skewed. They're biased. I would even call them intellectually corrupt, but there's still journalists, and this is the problem would Chris Wallace did was not journalism and and you. You know not the guy who attacks Chris. Wall I have some problems with him, but sometimes I think he does a good job and I. Don't sit around and say this thing. I'm talking about a level of of quality in our journalism switching to listen to the difference. The Chinese ambassador basically tries to wriggle out of these drone. Pictures of we're Muslims. Being trained off to God knows where what retraining cans, and how Indra more of the BBC challenges him. What is happening here? Ambassador, I do not know. What did you get this obedience Clinton's on these these have been going around the world. They've been authenticated by Western intelligence agencies out by Australian. Experts who say these Ouija people I mean. Mutate this the so-called. Western Canada's keeping up. Make this. A force acquisition in China is that? Milam of. Has Been persecuted. Hey, you know how? How my knee population Xinjiang has. Just about. Forty years ago. It's a four five million. Now it's eleven. Million people and people say you know we impose. We have ethnic cleansing by the population has doubled in the forty years. A cutting I'm so sorry to interrupt, but according to your own local government statistics, the population growth in wiegert jurisdictions in that area has fallen by eight e. four percent between two, thousand, fifteen, twenty, eight, hundred, eight, hundred four percent. I mean that's that's a lot. That's not Gotcha journalism that is challenging a guy on vetted movies that he's got with vetted facts that he's got from the guys own government and it's not. It's not trying to get him. You can tell the difference. He's not trying to get him. He's not trying to have people on. Twitter say Oh, boy, you know. Wallace really took on Donald. He's just trying to get the facts out of the guy who is obviously skirting the response Chinese responsibility for the violation of human rights that we can all. All see right in front of our eyes. It's a different. It's a different profession. He's in a different profession than Chris Wallace was in last night when he was doing this with trump. And you know in some ways. It pains me to hit Chris Wallace because Chris whilst done some good interviews and he didn't lie down dead like the rest of the news media. During the Obama years, he did sometimes questioned Obama, people he did do some hard dry. Some hard interviews with Obama partisans during that time when the rest one ABC CBS and And NBC were firing. People have reported anything negative about Obama, so he has done good work and the only reason I go after him is because if he's going to do sloppy work if he's GonNa, do inefficient work. Who's going to do the work? How are we going to get the information that we need to stay safe to know whether we should move out of our city or whether these guys are GonNa come and destroy our homes and take away our property. We don't know we don't know. We have no way of knowing because. Because the left is running, the the press is running interference for the left, and we have nobody to step up and say I'm just going to cover the story and get these facts because my job is not to make a point, my job is to garner information from the people who are in charge. You know I think it's a really bad thing you know, and this is plays in to our sense that it's not the government or the people who are in control any longer. This is part of what it plays into. It plays into a sense of conspiracy. There's a story out of Jersey New Jersey. A gunman. Wearing a fedex driver's uniform. Went into the home of a federal judge, right in named Esther Solace of appoint a judge. Shot they're college educated son to death and wounded the husband and this lady was four days ago. She was put on a case involving Jeffrey Epstein and I'm obviously. Don't WanNA. Make a joke of a tragic story. So Weird Story Involving Jeffrey Epstein. It's a suit against Deutsche Bank. Accusing A..

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