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Clinical insights from ABC news deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, one suggested President Trump could be removed from office by invoking the twenty fifth amendment. What's behind it? ABC's? Aaron Katersky has more. We're told that might have been sarcasm, but in a may twenty seventeen conversation with then deputy FBI director, Andrew McCabe deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, discussed the twenty fifth amendment to remove President Trump from office for being unfit Rosenstein called the story. Inaccurate and factually incorrect and insisted that based on his personal dealings with the president. There's no basis to invoke the twenty fifth amendment and President Trump's Twitter restraint regarding the sexual assault claims made against supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh has fallen away. The president tweeted, quote, I have no doubt that if the attack on Dr Ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed. Now Senator Susan Collins says she was appalled since as she says sexual assault is one of the most unreported crimes. Those are your political. Sites. I'm Lana Zak ABC news. American in custody. These are your world headlines from ABC news, a three D printed gun creator, accused of sexual assault is in police custody in Taiwan American Cody Wilson, flew to Taiwan earlier this week after an affidavit was filed in Texas accusing him of paying a minor for sex. He is expected to be deported. Officials in Tanzania are reporting at least one hundred thirty people died after a ferry carrying hundreds capsized on Lake Victoria. It's feared more than two hundred people may have drowned as the vessel was packed beyond its legal capacity. Iranian TV are reporting an attack on a military parade by gunmen in southwestern Iran. The report says there are several casualties and no claim of responsibility. And pope Francis is embarking on his twenty fifth foreign trip amid rising anger over clerical sex abuse and cover ups by senior Vatican officials. I'm Jennifer Eccleston at the. ABC news foreign desk in London. For.

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