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To him And they gave him a birth certificate and a driver's license saying that he was in fact. Joseph Lee Scott so Scott Kimball who is now Joe Scott. He's put in charge of keeping an eye on Steve. Ns his girlfriend her name. Is Jennifer Marcum? So Scott Campbell told authorities. This is how we get to Jennifer Marcum. He told authorities the Jennifer Marcum in his girlfriend. Since she is the one on the outside she is going to be the one that sets up this whole murder plot. I'm guessing that means Kimball told law enforcement that she was going to hire the killer. So Jennifer Marcum was also a potential witness for the DA a large meth case and the short of it is Scotland Kimball is now out of prison living under a new identity and working with the FBI in all of this is going to turn into some very bad bad business and fairly quickly now before we wrap up here captain we must give a big thank you and shout out to a website. This is Scott Lee Kimball Dot Com. It's a website that is maintained by the daily camera which is a Boulder Colorado newspaper. Dating all the way back to eighteen ninety. That's right your great. Great Grandfather was reading the daily camera. The website was invaluable to our research in. The site includes a timeline and links to numerous articles about the case. And if the name the daily camera sounds familiar longtime listeners will remember. The daily camera was a great source for our six part Jon Benet Ramsey coverage which took place in episodes to eighty to eighty.

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