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A failing marriage that's komo's keith eldridge forty two year old man is accused of first degree murder after say he an victim over a motorcycle it happened at a notorious homeless camp near ordering pierce county prosecutor mark linquist says troy shoot shot thirty four year old jacob nicholas in the chest and wounded thirty six year old cassandra harris apparently the defendant believed that the victim had used or taken his motorcycle shoot is being held onto million dollars bond a wild police chase came to an end in auburn yesterday when officers used a pit maneuver on a suspect police from several departments swarmed to the scene after the drivers simply refused to stop komo's tammy matassa has the latest information that chase started south of seattle police say they thought the suspect was wanted for a motel shooting in seattle on sunday so officer tried to pull him over but he took off the chase one to state route one sixty seven and at one point to a cold a sack or officers cornered him but the suspect could parked cars ran over lawns and hit police cruisers to get away when he was on the run again police say the suspect hit at least one other driver on the road police were finally able to pin the suspect's car using a technique called a pit maneuver that's komo's tammy matassa thirty four minutes past the hour komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the four six like we're clearing tacoma northbound seven at two hundred nathe right lane is cleared of a stall and construction continues the southbound i five ramp to one six seven closed overnight till about four thirty assigned.

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