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Way on mytalk one zero seven one. Steve. I'm Donna just as those announced his divorce. Okay. The same day something else happened. But this is going to be let's see his net worth is around one hundred and thirty seven billion dollars. We know pre-nup. Pre-nup while they pray got married before his net worth one hundred and thirty seven. You are correct. The company was founded in nineteen ninety four his wife MacKenzie was along for the entire ride. She was there when he wrote the business plan she worked with him when they were running things out of a garage. And now they're splitting up which could cost him half his fortune. I still think he'll be okay. Right. Sorry. I'm this is registering financially zero. I now for me. But apparently there is an a four month long or in a. A four month long flaying that he had been having with a married woman. Who by the way, just announced that she is divorcing. But I saw conflicting report on TMZ that said that Lauren Sanchez a four former so you think you can dance host or judge. She's she's a TV news anchor. Well, and she she had TV she used to be an anchor out in Los Angeles, oddly enough, we worked together briefly at reels she she she was causing a show or a series of specials, and I remember if I'm remembering correctly. Her. She was asking me if I had representation because her husband was a high powered agent if I'm remembering this yet. So when I saw Lawrence Sanchez, I thought, oh, that's interesting. But anyway. The TMC report was that these relationships started after the separation. Okay. All right because the Enquirer published an eleven page investigation into this fling. He had there were they say they have photographic proof of him getting cozy with her. They claim to have copies of sex from him to her erotic sell fees. One picture. That's just too explicit to print. So interesting too because he also here's a fun. Fact, he has a teenage son with on Tony Gonzalez NFL all pro who is now part of the FOX NFL pre-game show with Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan. If that rings a bell. That's just a little fun fact. But yeah, they think they went public at the Golden Globes. They were at a party together. May I just say mail us the football reference. Yup. Lee somebody out Pontus coverage that is a football reference. Don't know if I'm using it correctly. But technically you are. Yeah. I talked to you about other stuff and money and celebrities, I don't know Kim Kardashian spent nine thousand dollars on five bags Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton bags well-spent bags for girls in her life nieces, daughters cetera. Well. Does she have to? She has nor she has on. Oh, what's the other kid's name? She's got a boy in a girl. Right. And then I don't know what they're expected that it would have been for her daughter in the nieces anyway, five bags totaling nine thousand dollars. Okay. Fills successive doesn't it for children. Yes. Sure. How many of let's let's figure out how many kids there are though. They're five kids. Oh, that's pretty expensive. It's inexpensive bag. But here every woman wants one, I think. Know is the ba- knows eight bags eight bags eleven hundred bucks a pop totaling nine thousand dollars. Okay. Here's why that number doesn't matter for Kim Kardashian. Forty five million dollars is her annual salary. That's her annual income, I should say forty five million dollars. She is a net worth of three hundred and fifty million, but we'll stick with forty five forty million dollars annually. She spent nine thousand dollars on a bag an easy way to understand the ratios of this as if you just take off zero. So let's take off zero from the forty five million. Okay. Now, it's four point five million. This would be like if you Don I made four point five million dollars a year. Okay. And then for eight of your nieces total you spent nine hundred dollars. Okay. Let's going sure let's say you may four hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. Okay. Comfortable, right. If you're making four hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, it would be like spending ninety dollars total which is not bad at all, no ninety dollars total. Yes. Now, let's go to the roughly kind of like a near median income here in the United States of America, Kim Kardashian, the ratio of her making forty five million in spending nine thousand would be like if you made forty five thousand and you spent nine dollars. Total. Math guy is crew rain. I like talking to you. I like you. You're my best friend,.

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