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This marketplace podcast is brought to you by scout. The world's leader in service assurance and security for data centers cloud five g. and more net scouts visibility without borders allows issue to see things others can't get a clearer picture at net scout dot com and by smart water smart water is on a mission dad fresh thinking to the world. That's why they created. Two new ways is to hydrate smart water alkaline with nine plus p. h. Helps keep you hydrated while you're on the move and smart water antioxidant with added selenium helps you find balance for your body and mind and now you can order smart water by saying alexa order smart water yourself will thank yourself smart water. That's pretty smart. Do people want to buy electric causes is or do they just want to buy tesla's. This is marketplace tech. Demystifying the digital economy on jack stewart in from hollywood tesla still swings wildly between between profits and losses from quarter to quarter but sales of it's more affordable model. Three sedan are strong. It was western europe's bestselling battery in the first half off of twenty nine thousand nine hundred and in the u._s. Outselling luxury gas-powered competition from b._m._w. Mercedes audi and lexus and for a few years now journalists elissa cover transportation like me have been watching to see if this is the time electric cars of finally set to become a major part of the market tesla is still pretty specialist really so will either be available on every lot chelsea sexton's a longtime e._v. consultant. She's been deeply involved in this world l. since the radical general motors e._v. one came out in nineteen ninety-six so we thought we check in with her and ask are the mainstream manufacturers taking e._v. Seriously we are seeing some things starting to happen. Certainly more models are are starting to be introduced at the same time. Sales aren't hockey stick growing the way that certain folks would have a uh-huh hoped an assume they would electric cars are basically compelled by three regulations around the world cafe standards in the u._s. The california's air mission mandate and c._o. Two standards words in europe china's going all electric too but sort of an island in market at the moment not that much cross pollination so automakers are all sort of getting ready to do electric cars and accepting it is something they're going to have to do but not terribly excited about it and the more they can be allowed to delay many of them still will it feels like this is an exciting time time for it feels like i'm seeing more marketed and on the roads and what's actually happening. Odd brands bringing cost to market. There are a few more that just hit that everyone's been really excited. What about it's been kind of the year of the mostly premium but but smallish s._u._v. category that the jaguar i pace the audi e tron and even in the in the more konami brands the hundai kona and the kea niro all of which are in sort of this small to medium size s._u._v. category so it's a category that folks.

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