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To undo centuries of accepted. Wisdom is just no the the good thing about natural. Scientific methods is that they can be verified. The dna analysis that happens in charismatic dolphins lab. He says it can overturn outdated ways of seeing the world and as researchers get better he sure will find even more stories that we've gotten wrong. We just don't know what they are yet. I need you've norm near to them around. You just took them. These are new methods previously inaccessible to researchers who now can shed light on certain historical processes the formation of nations civilizations states. So that people know about their past. Dr new jim as we improved them. It helps check our present day biopsies. Yes for one. Were already learning that city and women weren't alone. Modern analysis shows that women fought alongside man all over the ancient world from peru to china to pre roman. Italy will not the america. The jinshan there. When you've you'll machine women today are no less powerful than men. Overdose sealy meal deal. It's and perhaps it's important that we have a model in an ancient society to look back to invalidate and confirmed that view a whisker and the prime minister.

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