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We we we round that. So many. Not going to come in my house and not say my name. Thank you. Thank you. Every day you make healing. So. Yes, you know, humor is my magic. Because until we can laugh at ourselves. We'll take ourselves too seriously. And as long as we're not taking we're taking our selves. So seriously, we don't have a place for God the angels audience us. So you gotta laugh at because you know, what I am hysterical. I need help. Your arm who's your mirror? Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. My mira. I think would be. On only their couple of I think one would be Queen Neff Atira is my mirror Queen had put as my mayor. Harriet Tubman is my mirror. Madame CJ Walker my mayor because I look at them not at the face of the color, but I look at the issues and their challenges and the grace and elegance with which they moved from among look at what I can learn, you know, Harriet Tubman had epilepsy. And it didn't stop her from taking the people on the underground railroad out of slavery. And you know, we got a pimple on phase and can't get to work on. How? Madame CJ Walker. You know, Tatas had a level of beauty and stuff. Not because she was shame of her naps, or because her hair wasn't acceptable. But because she was showing to take what you have and use it in a way that serves and supports people and put some dollars in your pocket. I like that under stand. So those are my mirrors when we look at the queens of the ancient old ways where they really weren't accepted where this Queen had the just like a man to be army to save her people come on now. So those are my mirror I like Barack Obama 'cause descendants of ideas all year. You know who else is a a mirror of Mineta only Amirah, but just anchor in Iraq is Susan Eltel. Mother Queen ceiling heart say my name. I know people think it was pro. But it wasn't. It was Susan l Taylor who put me on the cover of essence magazine in nineteen eighty eight Oprah saw me on the cover of Athens. You know? So that's another mirror for me. But quiet elegance. It's also what we like to call a receipt. Same all year received. I have I have one show where do receipt 'cause they told me, I guess I have received days. Okay. Cred Joliet area. She has three credits. What are they talking? Still here. My thing so much to say, I love your I love you. You love your beauty. I love the Joe had different perspectives and different approaches. And you know, how you work together and messed together. I love it. I really appreciate you want you to know that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Special. Thanks, our guest Yama vans. And and be sure to talk to us y'all on use the hashtag. Yes. Girl podcast on all social platforms and Charlie has a little request. Can we get some more Applebee's? My lovely. Food for the soul. Good batter. Otherwise talk to us. We love apple review. It's meant awhile. And you know, I asked her five hundred years for Christmas, we got him. And now I want for twenty nineteen. Thank you, come through rash tag. Yes. Girl podcast.

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