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And trace McSorley decent field position with that attitude like seemed no eighty against this defense. Well, we're going heavy with three tight ends in the lineup. Eubanks mccune and gentry all on the field. And Ben Mason. Is the running back in the pistol behind Patterson? They get the snap. They give it to Mason and Mason pounds his way short of the forty you'll be three yards short of the first down. That's a play that leads you to believe, Dan, it might be four down territory for Jim Harbaugh. Yeah. With that. No disguise their whatsoever. Johnson Parsons on the stop. And you're right. They're going to go for it. It's the ball is at the Penn State forty one incomes Koran Higdon along with mccune and Eubanks so expect another heavy set as Michigan has a big fourth down here inside Penn State territory. There's just one receiver split. That's Oliver Martin left shotgun through Patterson back to throw looks throws. And that ball is knocked down. Incomplete inside linebacker. Jan johnson. Got a hand in front of Zach gentry and the ball will go over to Penn State on downs with two fifty six left to play the gamble on fourth down by Jim Harbaugh doesn't come through as Johnson their linebacker makes a good play knocking a ball down on a past as well. It's a confidence. Jim Harbaugh has in his defense. But I'm always more comfortable going down one. It's like a yard on three yards like that. Might have been asking a lot. Four receivers split here McSorley. He walks up to the ball from the shotgun changes. The he's got Sanders to his right. Takes the snap. He's looking at throws the slant. It's caught. It's at the fifty yard line and the forty nine of Michigan by Jehan Dotson, and that's good for a first down ten yards. So. The Nittany lions move the chains in there in Michigan territory. Well that time the receiver gets to the inside of Josh Mattel. And again the slot receiver running slant has generated yardage to get this. Michigan defense all season long McSorley back to throw getting crushed. And now he gets out of the pocket to the right being chased by Carlo Kemp and Carlo Kemp a defensive lineman.

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