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In anti john giambi hey chris singleton selby's good selfie taker lousiana feel like you're good at it i'm lousy at i think you have just sort of a collection of really good moments that you captured over the years when i was at your house earlier this week and i sell those little polaroid's i on the wall you do a nice job i think you you don't give yourself enough credit for free shy how you what is it you struggle here's pool halls now gets ross stripling to pitch is infrastructure pools turns around and says something to mike winters like that's not a strike that's outside and low who i would agree with that the pitch that won't fell back to the screen two and pool so you could tell just swung at the same pitch that i think is a little upset from the standpoint of you're in my head of it now the shift that is going on right now keith hernandez is i'd say about nine ten feet into the outfield grass behind second base taylor is the same out into the left field grass the inside corner and he's down on strikes at pool halls can't believe it albert cools strikes feathers went away i mean you don't see shift like the one the dodgers just baba cools you can't run now and he can't complain about that caught their strike heavy now is a really good pitch i will not so good second when he swung at i think it was more so in the zone but he was looking out over the plate obviously and stripling surprised him with ninety ninety one all the inner third taty looked now they check to see the chad whitsett if he pushed at it he did not taylor was charging from third pitch he pulled it back wisely looking for something firm out over the plate set that angle and it was something spinning down and it would have been disaster had otani put it in play swayne amiss the county ball strike one of the things and maybe because rebecca east but i feel like as much attention as otani has gotten think there's there's a subtle undercurrent of atta mossy at least a bit towards taty on the dodgers side the water one is in the dirt the dodgers thought they were really in play for shohei ohtani they scattered him extensively and they asked justin turner clayton kershaw and chris taylor to come to a meeting with otani to help sell him on being dodger the two one belts towards first bellenger up that they don't take it himself steps out first with the right foot tani is out they all inconvenience themselves the different degrees to make their way to this meeting and they all really felt like it was a giant waste the time that kotani was never gonna sign it's funny in hindsight he was never gonna sign with the national league team that he made it clear he was only looking at teams west of the mississippi and that he hadn't played in the outfield consistently since he was a teenager i wanna valbuena missing download so he really was only interested in da chick and the dodgers and specifically their players set on record that they felt like he'd already made his mind made up his mind on where he was going to go the one swing and a miss three fielders of the right side it's muncie hernandez bellinger taylor on that left side so i mean the not too many not too many teams really the angels of the mariners were the two main teams that he was looking at at least through one viewpoint the one one mrs.

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